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Petrópolis is the 2nd best city in the state of Rio in the Sanitation Ranking of Instituto Trata Brasil | Petrópolis

Petrópolis is ranked among the cities with the best basic sanitation rates in Brazil.Photo: Disclosure/Águas do Imperador

Published 03/21/2024 16:04

Petropolis – According to the 2024 Sanitation Ranking from Instituto Trata Brasil, released this Wednesday (20). Petrópolis occupies second place on the list of cities in the state of Rio de Janeiro with the best rates in basic sanitation, behind only Niterói. Among the 100 largest cities in Brazil, Petrópolis occupies 30th place, advancing three positions compared to 2023. The ranking takes into account data from the National Sanitation Information System (SNIS), referring to the year 2022.

“In 2022, we opened the Araras Water Treatment Station (ETA), which expanded our capacity to treat and distribute treated water to the population. Since then, we have continued to invest in new networks and treatment plants to further expand our services and our commitment to ensuring quality of life and health for the Petropolitan population”, highlighted the director of the concessionaire Águas do Imperador, João Henrique Tebyriça de Sá .

Ranking data shows that Petrópolis has a 97.3% treated water supply and 84.59% sewage coverage, with 100% of the collected sewage treated. In the Distribution Loss Index, Petrópolis is among the top 10, with 23.35%, a number well below the national average.

The Águas do Imperador concessionaire has been operating in Petrópolis since 1998. Before the concession began, there was no sewage treatment in the city and only 2% of the population received water, at the time, only chlorinated and fluoridated water. Today, the city has seven water treatment plants and 31 sewage treatment units, including 8 ETEs, 11 biodigesters, 1 biosystem and 11 filter septic tanks.

New Investments

Águas do Imperador is making new investments to improve water supply and sewage collection and treatment in the city, such as the works on the Itaipava and Independência Sewage Treatment Stations (ETEs), which began in 2023 and will be delivered later this year .

Both units are being built with cutting-edge technology to ensure precision and maximum efficiency, from installation to operation. Together, the two stations will serve more than 30 thousand people. Each unit has the capacity to treat 2.5 million liters of sewage per day. The works are expected to be completed by the end of the first half of 2024.

In terms of water supply, work is underway on the new Carvalho Júnior Water Pipeline, 5.2 km long. The intervention is part of the Araras Water Treatment Station (ETA) system and will expand the water transport capacity for the entire region of Carvalho Júnior, Corrêas and Carangola, in particular for the Vicenzo Rivetti Housing Complex and Vale do Carangola, ensuring more efficiency in meeting the demand that has been increasing, with the growth of locations.

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