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POLL: Which X-Men Mutant Should Return In Deadpool and Wolverine? Cast Your Vote Below

In the year 2000, mutants appeared in movies, changing how superhero stories were told. Before Spider-Man or the Avengers, the X-Men were a big deal on screen. They wore cool leather suits and had interesting updates, making Marvel’s mutants popular.

Now, in Deadpool 3, Wolverine will join Deadpool on his adventures. Deadpool has always been linked to mutants. In his first two movies, he teamed up with Cable, Colossus, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. All of these mutants have special connections with Wolverine. Who do you think will join this time? Vote your guess below;

 Which X-Men Mutant Should Return In Deadpool and Wolverine?

1. Storm




Storm, a prominent figure in the X-Men universe, holds a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide. From her humble beginnings as a young orphan surviving through pickpocketing to her evolution into an Omega-level mutant with the power to control the elements on a cosmic scale, Storm’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. Throughout the X-Men’s storied history, she has been a constant presence, playing pivotal roles in many of the team’s defining moments.

Given Storm’s significance and her profound connection with Wolverine, it’s only logical to consider her inclusion if the X-Men were to make an appearance in Deadpool 3.


2. Cyclops



Wherever Jean Grey goes, Cyclops is usually close by, especially if Wolverine is involved too. Cyclops is the original leader of the X-Men in the field, and while he and Wolverine have their differences, Cyclops is the one who plans most of the team’s missions. With his strong ties to the mutant community and his role as a leader, Cyclops is undoubtedly the face of the X-Men.

3. Jean Grey 

Jean Grey 

Jean Grey, alongside Ororo Munroe, is one of the X-Men’s most well-known members. She started as a shy telekinetic but grew into one of the most powerful psychics in the Multiverse. Her romantic entanglements with Wolverine and Scott Summers often create drama within the mutant team. However, it’s Jean’s connection to the Phoenix Force that truly sets her apart.

4. Rogue



Rogue is tough through and through woman. Just like Wolverine, she’s known for her resilience. In the movies, they both found a home among mutants, despite feeling like outcasts. While Rogue started as a pawn for villains, appearing in Deadpool 3 could highlight her growth into a strong and powerful character over time.

5. Professor X


Professor X

Professor Charles Xavier started the mutant team. He’s like a father, mentor, and boss to them. His complex character adds depth to the mutants’ struggle. Including him in Deadpool 3 would add seriousness and a chance for Wade Wilson to become an X-Man.

6. Magento


Magneto has a complex past with the X-Men and Professor Xavier. He believes in mutant survival differently. He and Wolverine have fought many times, testing Wolverine’s healing powers against Magneto’s abilities. Magneto will always be part of mutant history. 

7. Mystique


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Mystique might come back in Deadpool 3. Fans love her cleverness and unique personality. Mystique also has a history with Wolverine and Sabretooth. Bringing her back could lead to interesting stories with this cunning character.

8. Laura Kinney (X-23)

Laura Kinney (X-23)

Laura Kinney, also known as X-23, first appeared in the animated series X-Men: Evolution. She’s a clone made from Wolverine’s DNA, which adds tension to their family bond and her superhero journey. In the comics, she’s been part of the main X-Men team and even returned as Talon after surviving a time warp. She also starred in the well-received movie Logan. With her strong link to Wolverine and the audience’s positive response to her in live-action, X-23 could be an excellent addition to the next Deadpool movie.

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