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When polarization reaches current levels, when we are on the threshold of the most relevant elections of this century in our country, when everything calls for reinforced daily Manichaeism and confrontation, stridency and the eroticization of the conflict are part of the norm, it is It is necessary to stop, calm down and reflect on the possibility of having different dynamics of dialogue and listening.

It is necessary, and it is certainly possible, imagine a space in which we all fit, with differences and similarities, starting with the most basic similarities that move through the desire for a different reality, for a better country.

For some time now, a group of Mexican men and women in good faith has been working, doing precisely that, opening respectful spaces for dialogue and listening between unlikely peers on diverse topics that have a single denominator in common: Mexico.

As a result of this work, in a space in which plurality and diversity are the rule, but also respect and the common interest of a better country, four scenarios are identified that the country could have in 2030:

A ravaged Mexico – in which some take over;

A stunned Mexico –in which some put–;

A failed Mexico – in which everyone loses –, and

A responsible Mexico – in which everyone puts in.

These scenarios are possible routes that the country can take in the face of three major challenges identified by the group, summarized in three “i’s”: illegality, inequality and insecuritywhich bring together the country’s great political, economic and social challenges, making it essential to overcome them to achieve higher levels of well-being.

The latest works of this group show an evolutionary concept of a Mexico Co-responsible.

In it Mexico Co-responsiblecivil society calls on leaders from the public and private sectors to do better in favor of the country, with a willingness to renounce personal and union privileges for the sake of the common good.

This scenario is based on a firm commitment to equity. When it is perceived that others are contributing, a virtuous cycle is triggered in which citizens begin to trust and give in for the collective well-being. This translates into profound reforms and concrete actions that, over time, strengthen the rule of law and foster a culture of legality.

In a Mexico Co-responsible Structural decision-making is effectively affected due to pressure exerted by citizens and organized civil society.

In a Mexico Co-responsible There is a decrease in the participation of organized crime and progress is made in a security policy in the executive, legislative and judicial spheres and at the national and local levels. Local and municipal governments are progressively recovering control of their territories.

Greater efficiency and transparency are demanded in the use of public resources, a strengthening of state finances and responsible economic strategies. The conditions exist in the public and private spheres for the economy to strengthen, aligning with the environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda.

Progress is made in the application of knowledge, achieving greater adaptation to technological changes in both educational and work environments, leading to a significant transformation in the labor market.

Diverse and multicultural citizen participation is gaining increasing relevance, accompanied by a learning process, facing the challenge of overcoming apathy.

Society and the State are committed to achieving equity and inclusion, implementing affirmative actions for historically marginalized and discriminated groups.

A comprehensive wellness policy and care system is established that promotes equitable access to high-quality public services.

The judges’ performance becomes increasingly professional and independent.

The federal and local congresses assume with pride and dignity the privilege of working hard in the debate of ideas that result in standards of conduct in favor of a Mexico in which we all fit.

The institutions of the Republic revitalize their importance and bear witness to their prestige in the daily performance of their functions.

It is necessary and urgent to reduce the level of political stridency and resume dialogue and listening between unlikely peers, creating a space conducive to the co-responsibility of political, social and business leaders in reducing inequality, illegality and insecurity.

Co-responsible Mexico it’s a Mexico Possibleit’s up to us to make it happen.

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