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Power Slap 6 Final Results and Announcement for Power Slap 7 Date

Power Slap 6 ended up being a star-studded event, with some terrific matches overall. Athletes from various categories and backgrounds came together to test their skills against one another. While no event is complete without spice, the sport saw some resilient fighters who stood their ground against all odds.

Dana White, owner of the event and CEO of UFC, declared the event was houseful before it commenced. This announcement was a testament to the success of Power Slap 6. Out of the 12 matches that took place at the Durango Resort in Las Vegas, many athletes emerged as winners, either through their strength or a twist of events.

The twelve matches were divided into six major categories, depending on the weights of the athletes. Out of these, one of them was the main title event, and one was the co-main event.

  • Welterweight
  • Super heavyweight
  • Heavyweight
  • Light heavyweight
  • Middleweight
  • Lightweight


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Lightweight matches

Robert Trujillo vs. Dallas Marron

After warning his opponent to be ready for the force he was about to bring, Trujillo successfully knocked out Marron in the second round. His undeterred defense and powerful strikes made Trujillo a fan favorite.

Sheena Bathory vs. Jackie Cataline
This match was unique for many reasons. The showdown was one of the co-main events since it was the only female slap-fighting match at the Power Slap 6. Both competitors were trained in wrestling and were ready to knock out one another. The first strike came from Cataline, who instantly managed to KO Bathory. However, the replay revealed that the athlete made an illegal move by hitting her neck instead of her face, which brought her disqualification right away. In the end, Bathory won on account of her competitor’s disqualification, who walked off stage right away in frustration.

Middleweight matches

Branden Bordeaux vs. Eddie Brahimir

This match was part of the early prelims and ended in an unceremonious draw between Bordeaux and Brahimir.

Wesley Drain vs. Garrett Grimes

Drain defeated Grimed with a score of 28-27 via a unanimous decision.

Light heavyweight match

Garrett Blakesslee vs. TJ Thomas

With just one match under this category, fans saw some intervention from officials when they declared TJ Thomas the winner. Garrett Blakesslee was disqualified on account of clubbing.

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Heavyweight matches

Duane Crespo vs. Logan Greenhalgh

Crespo scored a fair win against Greenhalgh, with a unanimous decision to back it up.

Delvin Hamlett vs. Vernon Cathey

In one of the most nail-biting matches of the event, Cathey knocked out Hamlett with an impressive strike in the second round.

Nate Burnard vs. Ryan Phillips

Burnard had fans’ hopes up high, being one of the top-scoring heavyweight champions. However, Phillips came in with an impressive set of hits and knocked out his opponent in the second round.

Dorian Perez vs. Brian Ellis

This was one of the matches where the twists were never-ending. Despite Perez’s excellent defenses, he lacked at making legal strikes. With two fouls to his name, Perez lost to Ellis.

Super heavyweight match

Danie van Heerden vs. Makini Manu

A match between best friends took an unexpected turn when Heerden made an illegal move against Manu. The sumo wrestlers made it to round 2 before Heerdan made a clubbing foul that caused some temporary hearing troubles to Manu. The latter won on account of the disqualification of his opponent.

Welterweight matches

Cole Young vs. Zachary Zane

In one of the most emotional matches of the event, Young made it to the arena despite a mountain of tragedies hitting him weeks before the competition. Apart from his father’s demise, the athlete’s son was also in the hospital due to a rare liver condition. Beating all odds, Young won against Zane in a unanimous decision.

Emanuel Muniz vs. Christapher Thomas

This was the main event of the evening. Having maintained a record of never facing a knockout, Muniz went up against Thomas, who was popular for knocking out every single one of his opponents. The former battled for the latter’s welterweight title and was well-prepared. The match was set for five rounds, and the criteria for disqualification was three fouls. Despite Thomas’ previous wins, he managed to commit two fouls throughout the match. In the end, Muniz came with a strong hit and knocked out Thomas in the last round, thus winning the title.

Power Slap 7 announcement

After a successful season with many athletes emerging as big-time winners, the committee announced the final dates for the next Power Slap event.

Power Slap 7 will take place on April 12, with the World Light Heavyweight Championship match between athletes Austin Turpin and Ron ‘Wolverine’ Bata.

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