ON Thursday, November 24, Puente Romano’s glamorous Sea Grill restaurant hosted an international audience for its Thanksgiving lunch.

Marking the US holiday, the event saw attendees enjoy traditional Thanksgiving fare, including turkey with cranberry sauce.

Stunning seasonal decorations adorned the Thanksgiving table with leaves, berries, fruit and even walnut part of the table displays.

The event was an opportunity for the community to come together ahead of the Christmas rush.

Attendees went around the table sharing their thoughts on what they were thankful for over the previous year, with many sharing moving thoughts on their family and friends.

Guests also exchanged small gifts to mark the occasion which goes back to the first pilgrims who made their way from the UK to the US.

The Costa del Sol is now gearing up for the festive season, with municipalities across the area switching on Christmas lights and organisations and charities on the coast starting to book up their Christmas parties.

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