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Ramiro Delgado, former member of Bronco, seeks deputation for MC – El Financiero

From scenarios to politics. Ramiro Delgado Gonzálezwho became famous for being a member of the musical group Bronco, officially registered as a candidate for local deputy of Apodaca, Nuevo León, for the party Citizen movement.

The former Bronco member acknowledged his lack of experience in the field of politics, but highlighted his enthusiasm for helping citizens.

I still have a lot to learn (…), there is time and all the desire in the world“said Ramiro Delgado in an interview after registering as a candidate.

What influencers or artists are part of the Citizen Movement?

Perhaps this will not come as a surprise because the party of Citizen movement It already has several celebrities seeking to run for elected office. Such as Brenda Bezares, wife of the host and comedian Mario Bezares.

She gained fame after her husband’s arrest in the murder case of driver Paco Stanley. But she later had a successful career as an actress.host and influencer.

Now, without having political experience, Brenda Bezares aspires to the position of a federal deputy, for district 8.

And this is not all, Mafer Chavana, singer and daughter of the famous host of television Ernesto Chavana, She aspires to become councilor of the municipality of Guadalupe.

Politics could take a radical turn in the elections on June 2 because the orange party has decided to add influencers, singers and other popular characters from Nuevo León to its ranks.

The young woman has achieved fame by releasing several songs on digital platforms and accumulating 736 thousand followers on her Instagram account.

“I am pleased to announce that I have decided to be part of the slate for the 2024 elections in our beloved municipality, as councilor. It is an honor and a privilege for me to have the opportunity to represent our community in this important role,” said Mafer Chavana.

Other figures who aspire to elected office are Mario Escobar, father Debanhi Escobar, and Aldo Fasci, former secretary of public security, who in the midst of a controversy had to resign from his position.

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