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Reigning Mr. Olympia Champion Derek Lunsford Reveals His Role Model in Bodybuilding

Thriving and successful in the world of bodybuilding, Derek Lunsford is one of the most talked-about IFBB pros currently. In 2023, Lunsford took the stage at the Mr. Olympia and won the first-ever two-division Mr. Olympia championship. Known for his massive back and balanced symmetry, the young bodybuilder has created waves all around the globe.

Being at the center of conversation in the bodybuilding world, Derek never misses a chance to engage with his fans through social media. He recently conducted an AMA session on Instagram with his fans. Among all the questions asked, there was one that stood out. “Who is your role model in bodybuilding?” A fan asked Lunsford.

The champion bodybuilder was excited upon reading this question and wasted no time in giving a response. He began by mentioning how several bodybuilders have inspired him over the years. Because of all of them, he has achieved what he has and is proud of being the current reigning Mr. Olympia. Though Derek knew multiple pro bodybuilders, one name stood above all.

“I can pretty well say that, and I’ve said it before. Ronnie Coleman is that one special individual. And not only was he arguably one of the, he was the greatest Mr. Olympia of all time.”

Since he started bodybuilding, Coleman has been an inspiration to Lunsford. He further mentions that he is inspired even more by Coleman for what he embodies as a human being. However, he pointed out clearly that, though Coleman is his role model, he is not looking to impersonate anyone else.

“I wanna be the best version of myself I can be. I’m not trying to imitate or be anyone else.”

Therefore, it was Ronnie Coleman who Derek looked up to for inspiration and followed his ethics. He even thanked the legend at the end of his video for leading the way for many, including himself.

The reigning Mr. Olympia has been working hard on himself daily to be where he is today. Recently, he unveiled his shoulder workout that can help fitness freaks build an incredible physique.

Derek Lunsford shares his shoulder workout routine

In a recent video, Derek gave his followers a sneak peek into his shoulder workout routine. The star finished 3–4 sets of each exercise while detailing the benefits for the shoulder and arms.

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He started the workout with four sets of dumbbell side laterals. He shares that the best way to get maximum effectiveness from this exercise is to push the shoulders down and away. This workout helps you gain more resistance and growth. Four sets of shoulder presses came next with slow movement and complete range.

Lunsford also completed front raises in a sitting-down position for decreased momentum, which offers more resistance when completed. The people’s champ ended the workout with rear delt flyes of 4 sets and a Smith machine press. The champion keeps continuing this routine, which helps him prepare for his upcoming championships.

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