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Renowned F1 Photographer Reveals the $300,000 Motorhomes That Drivers Book for Their Stay in Imola

Ahead of this weekend’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, renowned F1 photographer Kym Illman has revealed the motorhomes the drivers book for their stay. He revealed that some of these motorhomes can cost as much as a whopping $300,000 per month.

However, he did reveal that not all drivers pay such an exorbitant amount. As per Illman, most drivers pay approximately $10,000 or less per week for their accommodation in Imola.

Some of the drivers who have rented these lavish motorhomes in the past are Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, and Michael Schumacher. Since these motorhomes are located in close proximity to the Imola track, they are quite convenient.

According to Illman, the security near these motorhomes is tight. He explained that since no fans are allowed to visit them, the drivers get their privacy. After revealing the same, Illman revealed the name of a popular hotel where most of the drivers stay.

Most F1 drivers book a room in a four-star hotel in Imola

In the same video, Kym Illman revealed that most drivers book a stay at Varignana Palace Resort & SPA. It is a four-star hotel and has a rating of 4.7, based on over 3,700 Google Reviews.

As per the renowned photographer, the hotels usually charge $250 per night for a room. However, on race weekends, the cost can go as high as $1,000-1200 per night.

Since F1 drivers usually stay at a hotel for four nights during a race weekend, their accommodation costs teams approximately $4,800. With six races having already been completed, teams would end up paying approximately $41,250 for accommodation for their drivers by the time the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix weekend comes to an end.

Illman revealed in the video that teams pay as much as $159,050 on drivers’ accommodation for the whole 2024 season. Hence, those drivers who rent those motorhomes for a staggering $300,000 are almost paying double the amount that teams pay for most drivers the whole season.

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