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Rodrigo Santoro evaluates the moment of streaming and soap operas: ‘Important for the actor’ |

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Published 02/11/2024 00:00

Rodrigo Santoro, considered an international star, recently spoke to the column about his new works, including the series ‘Bom Dia, Verônica’, the feature film ‘O Outro Lado do Céu’, and stated that he did not take the soap operas out of his schedule. “It depends on the duration.” He was also very optimistic about the current situation of our streaming platforms.
“I think we are on the rise, the job supply has increased and we have more and more productions”, he observes. For the actor, ‘Bom Dia, Verônica’, in which he plays the villain of the moment, can be considered an example of excellence in the technical sense of quality, investment and production.
“Increasingly, this only encourages the industry itself, right. I’m very happy to see the Brazilian audiovisual industry starting to grow, especially diversifying as well”, he declares.
Asked about the possibility of a return to soap operas, Santoro states that the issue only involves the size of the commitment, the duration. If it’s a special appearance, as happened in ‘Velho Chico’, it could happen. But a full one, longer than 12 months, these days is unlikely “because of the dynamics of my life.” Short period, I think it’s perfectly possible.
“I like soap operas. It was my school, I have a lot of friends and I like doing them. I think it’s a very important exercise for an actor, too”, he concludes.
New boss
Everywhere, those who arrive always have the objective of making their mark and establishing a new rhythm by taking on a position of great responsibility. Therefore, expectations remain regarding the work of Manuel Belmar, now in charge of Globoplay and Globo’s paid channels. Whether he will continue the projects that were already being negotiated by Erick Brêtas, including a documentary about the singer Belo.
In fact, there will also be a new Globoplay page for its relationship with many content producers, such as Afroreggae, Floresta, Formata, Conspiração…
Expectations, also, in relation to the sequence of the soap operas.
The last recordings of ‘Fuzuê’, a soap opera on Globo, are scheduled for the 17th.
Gustavo Reiz’s first work at the house, after a stint at Record, suffered turbulence at the beginning, but soon found his feet, thanks to the support of the experienced Ricardo Linhares and also director Fabricio Mamberti.
Marina Ruy Barbosa, protagonist of ‘Fuzuê’, will take a vacation at Globo and wait for the next calls. She is one of the few in the house who still has an exclusive contract.
Marina divides her career as an actress and businesswoman.

Actor and singer Gabriel Vivan, protagonist in ‘Reis’, filmed the short film ‘Um Amor Fantasma’. Work that will be available with LIBRAS (Brazilian Sign Language) accessibility measures and audio description.
The film had resources from the Paulo Gustavo Law.

Still on the subject of Gabriel Vivan, he agreed to return to Record.
For now, there is no mystery about his new project at home.

‘Fast and Furious 10 – Part 2’ is scheduled to hit theaters on April 4, 2025. But will this be the end of the saga led by Vin Diesel?
For some time now, there has been talk about the production of new derivatives, including a female team.

In the fight
In the difficult battle of the first team, ‘TV Fama’, a daily attraction on Rede TV! about the world of celebrities, has managed to score on time, after a complicated phase, which even included changing lanes.
The program has existed since 1999 and has been used by several names.

Luiza Possi is finalizing her entry on the soundtrack of the soap opera ‘Família é tudo’, close to seven on Globo.
The story, written by Daniel Ortiz, premieres at the beginning of March and brings together names such as Thiago Martins, Mel Summers, Nathalia Dill, Juliana Paiva, Arlete Salles, among others.

The big winner of ‘Estrela da casa’, Globo’s new musical reality show, will have a contract with a record label, career management and… A cash prize.
But until now, there is mystery surrounding this value.

· Carla Daniel, actress, also works as a singer…

· … On the 21st, she will make another performance with her group, Carlota e os Joaquins, at Blue Note Rio.

· Velson D’Souza, actor from ‘The Childhood of Romeo and Juliet’, now runs the program ‘De Frente com Fred’ on the official YouTube channel TVZyn.

· Another edition of the Porchat Trophy is coming…

· … The results will be known on March 5th, starting at 9:45 pm, on GNT and Globoplay.

· Interesting to see how chef Helena Rizzo established herself on the Band’s ‘MasterChef’…

· … He left his mark on the Band reality show.

· … Meanwhile, Paola Carosella is still trying to establish herself on Globo’s paid channels with her ‘Alma de Cozinheira’.

· ‘Saudosa maloca’, based on the work of Adoniran Barbosa, hits cinemas on March 21…

· … In the cast, Gero Camilo, Gustavo Machado, Leilah Moreno and Sidney Santiago Kuanza.

It’s over
‘From Drama to Comedy’ is the online scriptwriting course that will be led by authors Vitor de Oliveira and Ingrid Zavarezzi and also by director Alex Cabral, starting on the 24th, lasting three months.
Classes will always take place on Saturdays, from 3pm to 6pm.

Then that’s it. Next Sunday there’s more. Goodbye!

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