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Samba schools from Group A in Niterói take 35 thousand revelers to Caminho Niemeyer | Niterói

Group A Samba Schools: 35 thousand revelers on Caminho NiemeyerLucas Benevides/Ascom

Niterói – Caminho Niemeyer, in the center of Niterói, hosted a complete samba show that started on Friday night (2) and ended on Sunday morning (4). More than 35 thousand revelers followed, on Saturday night (3), the parade of Group A schools on the catwalk set up by Niterói City Hall. The eight associations showed exuberance and strength to fight for the title. The counting of scores will take place next Tuesday (6), starting at 5pm, at Praia Clube São Francisco.

The one who opened the night of parades was Império de Araribóia. The São Lourenço school showed strength with its parade among Niterói’s samba elite after winning Group B last year. Afterwards, Alegria da Zona Norte and Folia do Viradouro paraded. Current champion of the Niterói Carnival, Magnólia Brasil presented a parade recounting the passage of the English naturalist Charles Darwin, full of history and imagination. Unidos da Região Oceânica paraded next, then it was Sabiá and Souza Soares’ turn. Experimenta da Ilha ended the night around 3:30 am.

Mayor Axel Grael celebrated the public success on Caminho Niemeyer and congratulated the schools for their presentations. “For the third year in a row, the Carnival parades on Caminho Niemeyer were a success. I want to congratulate all the schools that worked hard so that we could have another A party of great joy, where we showcase all the talent of the people who make up the Niterói Carnival. Our city’s Carnival parade has gained greater visibility each year due to its professionalism and dedication. Congratulations to everyone!”, praised the mayor.

The schools that paraded on Caminho Niemeyer will be evaluated by the judges in the following areas: drums, harmony, samba-enredo, evolution, fantasy, allegory and props, in addition to plot, front committee and choreography of master room and flag bearer. To parade in Group A, schools had to bring at least 350 members each to the avenue.

“We are very happy with the results shown by the Niterói Carnival schools this year. The Niterói Carnival grows every year and the public presence shows this. It is a party that has now been consolidated on Caminho Niemeyer, guaranteeing safety for everyone and this great spectacle in the city”, celebrated the president of Neltur, André Bento.

The vice-mayor, Paulo Bagueira, assessed the holding of the parades in the week before the Carnival holiday as positive. “Advancing the carnival by a week was the right decision. The schools presented excellent parades and, therefore, it is even difficult to know who is the favorite. The spectacle is more beautiful every year. Niterói today has an organized carnival that has everything to grow in the coming years”, considered Bagueira.

Last Friday night (2) 12 schools paraded on Caminho Niemeyer, 8 from Group B and 4 from C. The scores will be counted next Tuesday (6), at 5pm, at Praia Clube in São Francisco. In Group A, the winner will receive R$40,000 as a prize, and the runner-up will receive R$25,000. The prizes in Group B are R$20 thousand and R$12 thousand, respectively; and in Group C, R$10 thousand and R$7 thousand.

The municipal secretary of Government and president of the Carnival Commission of Niterói City Hall, Rubia Secundino, believes that the new legislation to promote Carnival came to further improve the party. “The law to encourage carnival was extremely important because it provides more transparency. The schools received the subsidy two months earlier to hold their carnival. This helped us to have wonderful parades. The expectation is that each year it will get even better”, says Rubia.

Carnival showed wealth and exuberance

André Bento, president of Neltur – Niterói Leisure and Tourism Company (organizer of Carnival Niterói 2024) highlighted the richness and exuberance of the Parades, also on Saturday night: “We are very happy to be here today and see this wonderful delivery for the city and to see so many people watch this beautiful spectacle! This Carnival was exuberant, with the very rich Samba Schools, who presented a beautiful spectacle that is the result of hard work, carried out throughout the year, involving countless professionals, which resulted in the important moment of the Niterói 2024 Carnival that we saw here.”

He also highlights that Carnival was even more emblematic because it was on Caminho Niemeyer, a work by master Niemeyer, and Rio was celebrating 40 years of the Sambódromo, a work also by architect Niemeyer. For Bento, the Niterói Carnival is one of the events that most impact Tourism, moving the entire economy, from creating jobs in several communities, as well as the entire productive sector of the city.

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