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Santiago Nieto and Ernestina Godoy carry illegalities, injustices, persecutions and a death on their shoulders – El Financiero

The Sterling case fell and the shameless fabrication of crimes by the CDMX prosecutor’s office of Ernestina Godoy, hand in hand with Santiago Nieto, was evidenced.

Did Marcelo Ebrard create a spy center in 2010 that was coordinated by Ulises Lara to spy on opponents?

In this space I have given voice and made visible the case of Nicolás Pineda, as well as other defendants, persecuted in the Sterling case. Sheinbaum, Godoy, Nieto and others invented that Miguel Ángel Mancera had a spy center. There were 14 persecuted people who were imprisoned, they were left in isolation for three months to break them and offer to accuse Mancera in exchange for getting out; If not, they would ask for 26 years in prison and would have to pay 40 million pesos for each one. No one accepted that Emilio Lozoya-type baseness: accusing without evidence to save themselves.

Nico attended his hearing on January 31 dressed in beige, like when I met him at the North Prison; he couldn’t believe it. He did it with the National Code of Criminal Procedures under his arm and dozens of documents in hand, since a federal judge had ordered that the hearing where he was linked to the process be repeated 20 months ago, determining that his human rights were violated and that The action of the control judge became illegal. And not only that, the federal judge also ordered Judge Héctor Fernando Rojas Pacheco to give Nico the use of his voice, since At the hearing where he was unjustly sent to prison, he was not allowed the use of his voice.

Nico, you will have to remember, was linked to a trial for the false accusations of Nieto and Godoy, from embezzlement and violation of private communications to the absurd. sign to attend marches…yes, just as they are reading it, for attending marches, as if it were a crime.

Nico, accompanied by his father and a friend, dismantled the prosecution’s accusations one by one, without his voice shaking and with the dignity that comes with having the truth.

Coffee with a lot of picket

Nico was accused of diverting public funds, when in the folder there were official documents that showed that he never managed public funds; They accused him of being a police officer, when there was evidence in the file that He has never worked in any public security or law enforcement institution.; They accused him of being a computer engineer, when the National Registry of Professionals states that he has never been a computer engineer, and it was revealed how MP Iran Aquino Solís ordered communications to be intercepted without a court order!

One of the most shocking revelations was when the alleged existence of the spy center was analyzed. The prosecution’s hypothesis fell apart when the journalistic notes that they took as supposed evidence contradicted the official version, since it turned out that the building housed offices much earlier than what the prosecutor’s office told the judge.

Hold on

Well, if the hypothesis of prosecutor Iran Aquino Solís is true (who was there and could never raise his face or look Nico or anyone present in the eye) – inhale and exhale – it would mean that Márquez Sterling’s espionage center would have been destroyed. created in 2010, under the orders of Marcelo Ebrard and Alberto Esteva. Even more revealing if, as MP Iran Aquino claims, that area was created expressly to house an espionage center, it is surprising that one of the coordinators of that area was, neither more nor less, than Ulises Lara López!, today prosecutor in charge of dispatch. Whoops!

A conspiracy to spy on opponents that arose during Marcelo Ebrard’s six-year term?

An investigation by the prosecutor’s office where Ulises Lara served as a spy for Claudia Sheinbaum?

Nico dismantled the accusations against him and exposed the procedural fraud that the prosecution incurred by not verifying basic information and by hiding information that absolved him.

With what face will Godoy speak?

Most revealing was MP Thanya Waleska’s exposure of fabricating, altering and simulating evidence against Nico. He, with evidence in hand, demonstrated how prosecutors María Luisa Gaddar Audry, Roberto Aguas Becerra, Iran Aquino Solís and Thanya Waleska Solís Tally manipulated and fabricated data to incriminate him. Thanya Waleska’s lie about a federal investigation that turned out to be non-existent was the height of the lack of ethics in the MP’s actions and was exposed as a vile pretense of Ernestina Godoy, capable of daring to lie before the judicial authority even when the hearings are recorded on video.

another strong

Well, the time that Nico spent behind bars, more than 450 days, could have been avoided if Judge Héctor Fernando Rojas Pacheco (cc Rafa Guerra, Tribunal Justicia de la CDMX, SCJN, CJF) had allowed him to speak at that first hearing. Now that judge tried to justify his previous actions with the classic, excuse me, “I didn’t know the file,” he said during the hearing and, I imagine, blushing, because he was wearing a mask.

Standing ovation

Nico’s request to the judge to formally denounce prosecutors for fabricating evidence revealed the shamelessness with which justice was handled in this case.

The judge, who kept opening his eyes and Aquino wanting to get under the desk, told him: “You are making very serious accusations…”.

Well, I tell you, Mr. Judge, that your mistake caused an innocent man to be imprisoned for 15 months.

In the end, I asked Nico why, if he was already free, he came to the hearing in his beige t-shirt; His response left me moved: because I did not stop feeling imprisoned until I completely demonstrated my innocence and unmasked Godoy’s lies.

That Wednesday, January 31, Nico heard that he would not be linked to the trial because he was innocent and because the accusations against him could not be sustained.

Until today.

Of the 14 persecuted in the Márquez Sterling case they are 6-0; Thus, the CDMX prosecutor’s office is losing, and gacho.

However, injustices still continue.

To Roberto Uribe, who also demonstrated his innocence and was not linked to the process for embezzlement and intervention of private communications, Judge Víctor Elías Pacheco Patlán denied him a hearing to change his precautionary measure, because, he said, “Not being linked to the process does not mean anything that the conditions that justify his preventive detention have changed.””. Do me a favor! So they are still in the North Prison.

Who is also unfairly still there and that I have documented his innocence is Gustavo Caballero.

Who is no longer in prison He is Arturo Zavala because he broke down in prison… yes, the persecution of Ernestina Godoy and Santiago Nieto broke him, leaving an orphaned child. How will they sleep?

Oh, and the complaints against grandson are growing, eh, because both Nico, Roberto and Gustavo already did the same in the office of the Iron ProsecutorJavier Coello Trejo.

End the judicial theater of Godoy and Nieto,

Rafael Guerra, CDMX Court of Justice, SCJN, CJF.

for not leaving

And since I’m talking about Santiago, how can I stop commenting that President AMLO himself, in the morning, recognized that Nieto put together a setup to politically persecute García Cabeza de Vaca. One more nail to Santiago Nieto’s political grave? Symmetrically, another piece of evidence that García Cabeza de Vaca is innocent.

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