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Sebastian Vettel Joins Max Verstappen in the Anti-Drive to Survive Club

The popular Netflix series Drive to Survive (DTS) became a hit among the fans from its first season. Many viewers patiently wait for the release of each new season of the show. However, 3X world champion Max Verstappen is not a fan of the show. He believes it does not portray the full reality of the sport. Per a report from F1 Maximaal, Sebastian Vettel agrees with Verstappen as he, too, admitted to not being a fan of the show. He finds the show strange and unrealistic.

“I thought it was a bit strange because it was so unrealistic.”, said Vettel.

Vettel couldn’t bring himself to watch more than the first episode of the latest season of DTS. However, he understands the significance of the show in the context of F1. Vettel agrees that the series has helped bring in a lot of new audiences to F1 and motorsports in general.

He also understands the side of the makers of the series. But the German champ claimed that one can’t bring in such a large audience to a sport if they talked about how to adjust a damper for hours.

Nonetheless, Vettel does not feel the show adds any value to the sport. With drama being a focal point of the series, the 4-time champion does not look to the series as a means of gaining knowledge. Whenever he feels he needs to learn more about F1, instead of turning DTS on, Vettel resorts to picking up his phone and searching the internet.

Why Max Verstappen isn’t a huge fan of DTS

Appearing recently in a segment for ‘The Project,’ Max Verstappen once again shined a light on his dislike for DTS. He rarely takes part in the show, as he does not believe it portrays the true persona of a driver. “You see very little of who I am in Drive to Survive.” Verstappen further added that he does not feel comfortable with DTS’ setup.

Sitting in a dark room, sharing a very serious conversation about past occurrences, isn’t exactly a comfortable place for Verstappen to be in. He would rather maintain privacy than fill people in on the ‘behind-the-scenes’ happenings in F1.

Instead, the Dutchman prefers to have lighthearted and candid conversations. Talking about F1 is another off-putting point for the 26-year-old. Hence, he would rather talk about anything else than discuss F1 when away from the tracks. Daniel Ricciardo was also present alongside Verstappen during the segment, and he agreed with the words of Verstappen.

The Honey Badger revealed that Verstappen is a “very funny” guy away from the cameras. However, DTS only portrays him as someone who always means business and maintains a serious personality.

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