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“Shaq You Not Even The Fart”: Shaquille O’Neal Hitting On Ice Spice And Thanking Taylor Swift Has NBA Fans In Disbelief

The Super Bowl LVIII between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Fransisco 49ers brought out some of the biggest names in the entertainment world. Along with music artists and movie stars, some familiar faces from the NBA were also in attendance. One such person was Los Angeles Lakers legend Shaquille O’Neal, who was spotted at the Super Bowl with Jamie Salter. 

During the Super Bowl, Shaq had initially uploaded a picture with Jamie Salter and Taylor Swift. After a while, The Big Aristotle went on to share another picture that had not just Taylor Swift but Ice Spice as well.

O’Neal captioned the image, “And @icespice is so dam fine thanks @taylorswift.” Fans were under the presumption that Shaq got to meet Ice Spice through Taylor Swift, which is why he thanked her in the caption.


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However, Shaquille O’Neal’s comments regarding Ice Spice had the majority of fans going crazy in the comments section. One fan went on to comment, “Shaq you not even the fart.”

While another fan said, “The last thing I’d expect on my page is Shaq saying ice spice is fine.”

Here are a few more reactions from fans on Instagram.

“Shaq shot his shot… but it was a free throw.”

“Bro ain’t have no hesitation in that caption.”

“Shaq bruh u got kids older than her.”

“Yo bro, is her being the same age as his kids not crazy? Was he hacked.”

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While fans were taken aback, this isn’t the first time Shaquille O’Neal has flirted with someone. Shaq had once asked rapper Gorilla to marry him while she was on an Instagram Live with comedian Druski.

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During an interview, Shaquille O’Neal even went so far as to show off his flirting skills to a female reporter. As the interview went on, Shaq even joked about the reporter being in his Instagram DM’s.

Shaquille O’Neal has always had a bigger-than-life persona and that is one of the many reasons why fans love him. He has always been quite casual in such circumstances and due to his easy-going nature, some rumors too have circulated around him.

Many fans were under the assumption that Shaquille O’Neal had something going on with his podcast co-host Nischelle Turner for quite some time. However, those rumors were soon put to rest. But that does not stop O’Neal from having his fair share of fun.

Shaquille O’Neal tries to shoot his shot at Ice Spice

"Shaq You Not Even The Fart": Shaquille O'Neal Hitting On Ice Spice And Thanking Taylor Swift Has NBA Fans In Disbelief
Credits: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

Before the Super Bowl, Shaquille O’Neal had displayed interest in meeting the pop star Taylor Swift. And he finally got what he wanted at this year’s Super Bowl as Swift was in attendance as well, supporting her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

O’Neal claimed that he wanted to ‘shake the hand of greatness’ and he ended up manifesting that for himself. But as for Shaq’s other wishes or manifestations, if you will, this one did not pan out as he had imagined.

The four-time NBA champion had also predicted that the Kansas City Chiefs would end up winning the Super Bowl. Not just that but after their win, Travis Kelce would go on to propose Taylor Swift in front of the whole world.

Unfortunately for Shaq, that did not happen however, the Chiefs did win the Super Bowl for the second time in two years.

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