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Shaquille O'Neal Admits He Was Ring Chasing In His Finals Years To Catch Kobe Bryant

Shaquille O’Neal, in a candid moment on his show “The Big Podcast with Shaq,” openly admitted to ring chasing in his final years with the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics. Reflecting on his competitive dynamic with former teammate Kobe Bryant, Shaq revealed that his drive to win additional championships was fueled by a desire to match Bryant’s success.

“It was like a you know for me it was uh I’m gonna get one before you get one because we had the same arguments.”Oh, you can win but you can’t win without Shaq, you can win but you can’t win without Kobe.” 

“So the fact that he has two and I have one, I f***ing went crazy in my house… I admit my last three years I was traded to championship chase because if I can get five and he got five, it’s great. But the fact that he got five and I got four drives me crazy.”

Acknowledging the longstanding debate about their respective roles in championship victories, Shaq recounted the competitive banter between himself and Bryant. Both players faced assertions that they couldn’t win championships without the other, creating a personal challenge to prove their individual worth on the court.

For Shaq, the disparity in championship rings between himself and Bryant became a motivating factor. With Bryant having secured two championships more than Shaq, the imbalance became a point of frustration for the basketball legend. The desire to reach parity with Bryant’s championship count became a driving force behind Shaq’s decision to pursue titles in his later years in the NBA.

In describing his mindset during this period, Shaq characterized his pursuit of championships as a form of “championship chasing.” While acknowledging the competitive nature of their relationship, Shaq emphasized the mutual respect that underpinned their rivalry. Much like siblings engaged in a respectful competition, Shaq and Bryant pushed each other to excel on the court.

Ultimately, Shaq’s admission sheds light on the intense drive and competitive spirit that defined his illustrious NBA career. Despite his status as one of the game’s all-time greats, the pursuit of championship success remained a central focus for Shaq, underscoring his relentless commitment to excellence in the sport of basketball.

Kobe Bryant Cheekily Taunted Shaquille O’Neal After Winning The 2010 NBA Finals

In the aftermath of winning the 2010 NBA Finals, Kobe Bryant couldn’t resist the opportunity to cheekily taunt his former teammate, Shaquille O’Neal. Bryant, fully aware of the significance of his accomplishment, seized the moment during a press conference to deliver a pointed jab at Shaq, proclaiming:

“Got one more than Shaq.”

For Bryant, the victory represented more than just another championship ring; it was a symbolic triumph over his former teammate and longtime rival. Throughout their careers, Bryant and Shaq had engaged in a fierce on-court rivalry, with both players vying for supremacy and recognition as basketball’s preeminent superstar.

Bryant’s playful taunt underscored the competitive nature of their relationship and served as a reminder of his individual success compared to Shaq’s. The remark, delivered with a hint of satisfaction, highlighted Bryant’s satisfaction in achieving a milestone that eluded his former teammate.

Meanwhile, Shaquille O’Neal, upon hearing Bryant’s taunt, admitted to experiencing a range of emotions, including frustration and disappointment. As Shaq has openly acknowledged on multiple occasions, Bryant’s success served as a personal motivation for him to pursue additional championships.

In response to Bryant’s taunt and driven by a desire to regain parity with his former teammate, Shaq joined the Boston Celtics in an effort to win another NBA title. However, Shaq’s quest for championship glory with the Celtics was marred by injuries, preventing him from achieving his goal and adding another chapter to his storied career.

Ultimately, Bryant’s playful taunt following the 2010 NBA Finals victory served as a testament to the competitive spirit that defined his relationship with Shaquille O’Neal. While their rivalry was characterized by intense competition and mutual respect, Bryant’s remark underscored his satisfaction in outdoing his former teammate on the game’s biggest stage.

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