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Skilling: Warm, dry Memorial Day weekend, 90s likely next week

An early read on model temp and precip trends over the coming two weeks indicates a dry, warm Memorial Day Holiday weekend.

There is also development of atmospheric blocking aloft which will slow weather system movement across the Lower 48

These predicted meteorological developments support a forecast of a rain-free Memorial Day holiday weekend with a warming weekend temp trend.

Full forecast details and more at the WGN Weather Center blog

Projections of dry conditions suggest warm days–but comparatively cool nights for the holiday. Daily lake breezes–i.e. Cool easterly winds off Lake Michigan across area beaches and in lakeside locations—are a part of the predicted pattern.

15-DAY PRECIP FORECAST through June 8–including an indication where predicted precip totals are ABOVE NORMAL (in shades of green) and BELOW NORMAL (in shades of yellow, orange and red). Graphic courtesy of MAXAR

Also indicated is the likelihood of below normal 15 day precip over the Midwest even though scattered showers and possible t-storms may occur the back half of next week.

The development of an upper air blocking pattern—what’s known as a “REX BLOCK” or a “HIGH OVER LOW” block aloft–is also front and center as it has been for days in projections of U.S. weather through next week.

The term “REX BLOCK” comes from the meteorologist who first highlighted its existence–Dr. Daniel Rex— first called attention to the pattern. READ MORE on REX BLOCKS here:

ALSO OF INTEREST are continuing indications of near 90-degree daytime temps next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

HIGHS FLIRT WITH 90-deg as indicated on this NWS MODEL BLEND HIGH TEMP FORECAST for next Wed

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