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Snow deficit continues, but winter might return later in the week; more rain for California on the way

Weekend to see colder more seasonable readings in the mid-30s with winds putting a bite into the chill.

Wednesday night will be mostly cloudy with a 60% chance of rain. Thursday morning will have a 40% chance of rain and snow, with mostly cloudy skies and WNW winds of 10-15 mph, reaching a high of 43 degrees. Thursday night will remain mostly cloudy, with a low of 26 degrees, feeling like 16. Friday will continue with mostly cloudy skies, a 30% chance of snow, NNW winds of 10-15 mph, and a high of 33 degrees. Friday night will also be mostly cloudy with a 30% chance of snow, a low of 22 degrees, and a wind chill making it feel like 11 degrees.

Chicago’s seasonal snow deficit grows—nearing 6 inches below normal

  • Only 15 days with measurable snow at Chicago’s official weather station.
  • December had only two days with measurable snowfall.
  • January had a surplus, but February has only seen a trace of snow.

After another weekend with no measurable snowfall, Chicago is seeing its seasonal snow deficit grow.  Since Halloween, there have only been 15 days with measurable snowfall at O’Hare Airport, Chicago’s official weather station. 

Trick-or-treaters were shivering when 0.9” of snow fell on the last day of October.  Another one day snow in November brought twice as snowfall as what was measured on Halloween.  When meteorological winter started, Chicago had a slight surplus in seasonal snowfall.  Then December had only two days with measurable snowfall for a paltry 1.2”, more than six inches below the monthly average.  

Things seemed to turn around when Chicago’s snowiest month lived up to its reputation and January saw nine straight days with measurable snowfall and eleven days overall.   O’Hare received 16.1” of snow in January, a total nearly five inches higher than the monthly normal.  

February however, has so far put the brakes on snowfall in the Chicago area.  Only a trace of snow has fallen at O’Hare through the first eleven days of the month.  The city is now getting close to being six inches below its normal snowfall for the season.

Winter Storm Impacts Southern to the Northeast U.S. into Tuesday

Heavy snow continued to impact a part of the southern Plains Sunday night. A few tornadoes, very large hail, and isolated wind damage were expected through Sunday night from southeast Texas into central parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. Heavy to excessive rain through Monday night may lead to areas of flooding from northeastern Alabama into the Carolinas.


More flood-producing rainfall potential in store for California

National Hurricane Center proposes changes to the tropical cyclone forecast cone graphic to include INLAND tropical storms and hurricanes

  • The experimental forecast cone includes watches and warnings for inland tropical storms and hurricanes in the Continental United States
  • Previously, the cone graphic only showed watches and warnings in a line along the coastline of the affected area.
  • Watches and warnings in effect for land areas will take precedence over the cone.
  • The new experimental cone will depict inland tropical storm and hurricane watches and warnings in the U.S. only. 

Starting mid-August, 2024 the National Hurricane Center will introduce the experimental version of the forecast cone. The aim is to communicate inland wind risk during tropical cyclone events without complicating the graphic with excessive data layers. Because of its experimental stage, the new graphic will be generally accessible within 30 minutes of the advisory.

The current forecast cone graphic will remain unchanged, with coastal watches and warnings still being displayed as usual.


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