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"Something radical": nightmare indiscretions, De Benedetti’s new party

Charles DeBenedetti Are you thinking about a new party? The indiscretion was launched by Sheetaccording to which the engineer, “after launching a new newspaper (the Tomorrow) is now pondering whether to embark on a further adventure”. The idea would be that of a “green party”, but not inspired by moderate German environmentalists. We would like to give life to a rather radical movement. However, according to the newspaper directed by Cerasa, nothing is certain yet and it is not known whether the operation will go through in the end, “but what is certain is that De Benedetti is talking about it and asking for advice”, we read .




Below is also a reference to the plans Enrico Letta, resigning secretary of the Pd. It seems that his intention is to be elected president of the party. Which may not be so easy, since the two most favorable candidates for the succession of him, ie Stefano Bonaccini and Elly Schleinhave been insisting for days on the need for new leaders.




As regards the internal dynamics of the party, the Sheet explains that in the Democratic Party everyone would be convinced of the fact that Paola DeMicheli, she too is a candidate for the secretariat, in the second round she will give indications to vote for Bonaccini. It seems more uncertain, however, what the fourth and last candidate in the dem primary could do, Gianni Cuperlo: “Many believe that in the end he will not give any indication to his own”, reads the newspaper.




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