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In 2021, Netflix launched the South Korean series Squid Gamewhich became the most watched series on the platform with more than 142 million viewers worldwide. In said production, the actor Oh Yeong-su stood out, who is currently 78 years old. and was one of the Golden Globe winners.

Oh Yeong-su, known worldwide for his role as Oh II-Nam in the Netflix series; Squid GameHe was accused of sexual abuse in seoul korea due to inappropriately touching a woman in mid-2017. The actor was released without detention.

The alleged victim filed a complaint against the actor in December 2021. Authorities closed the case in April but reopened it at the victim’s request. Oh Yeong-su was questioned by prosecutors but denied the allegations.

“I just took her hand to lead the way around the lake. I apologized to her, she said she wouldn’t make a fuss about it, but that doesn’t mean I admit the charges,” Oh Yeong-su revealed via Korean broadcaster JTBC.

Oh Yeong-su before ‘Squid Game’

The actor has a great career in the South Korean theaterAccording to what he stated, he has participated in more than 200 plays and has ventured into different artistic areas such as film and television.

He established himself as an actor by joining the National Theater Company of Korea and before Squid Game, his best-known role was that of an old monk in the film Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…and Spring by Kim Kiduk.

In his early life he lived in Kaepung County, Gyeonggi, after his family moved to Paju on the south side of Korea and during the Korean War his father was killed and his brother kidnapped by North Korea.

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