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Steve Kerr Confident He'll Be Back As Warriors Head Coach Despite Expiring Contract

Steve Kerr is coaching the Golden State Warriors through a tough 2023-24 season, as the team sits 26-25 as the 10th seed in the West. It seems the dynasty is over, but Kerr has coached the team to a five-game winning streak now. 

Before their win over the Jazz, Kerr revealed to The Ringer that he wants to return as the Warriors head coach next season, with owner Joe Lacob agreeing 

“I want to be back. I’ve made that clear every time I’ve been asked about it. The only thing I won’t talk about is just any detail of contract stuff, but I’ve been very open. I want to come back. Joe [Lacob has] told me he wants me back, so I think I’ll be back.”

Kerr is on an expiring contract with the Warriors, with some speculating on what his future with the franchise is. While there is a vocal minority of fans that think it’s time to move on from Kerr, that defies most logic for the franchise’s most successful head coach. 

The bigger question with Kerr’s return will be the dollar amount. After proving his value to Golden State by leading them to four titles, most recently the 2022 NBA championship, Kerr will be eyeing the most lucrative coaching contract in NBA history. The record has been broken thrice since the summer with contracts for Monty Williams (Detroit), Gregg Popovich (San Antonio), and Erik Spoelstra (Miami).

Kerr’s resume is better than Monty and Erik’s, so he will be expecting a contract that reflects that same value.

Steve Kerr Comments On Jonathan Kuminga Reports From Earlier This Season

The detailed piece by The Ringer’s Logan Murdock dives into various other topics, including Klay Thompson’s outlook on his future in the NBA. It also gave us insight from Kerr into the Jonathan Kuminga situation from earlier this season.

A report came out claiming Kuminga had lost faith in Kerr and wanted to be moved. Instead of moving him, Kuminga got a bigger role in the Warriors’ offense and has thrived since. Kerr says he understood Kuminga’s situation and is happy that they’ve resolved it.

“I understood his frustration because here we are: We had a championship team his first year, and he didn’t play a whole lot. And then last year he played pretty well, but I didn’t feel like he was ready to play in the Laker series, and I made the decision to play the guys I did. And that was frustrating for him. And I understand the frustration. I was a player. I was frustrated all the time as a player, so I get it. And I never take that stuff personally. And so what I love about JK is he really wants to be out there. And he’s right, he should be out there, but he needed to start doing the things that we’ve been asking him to do, and the last month he’s doing all of them, and it’s great to see.”

Kuminga is averaging 20.6 points and 5.5 rebounds in 19 games since January 2024, emerging as the Warriors’ bonafide second option next to Stephen Curry. Kerr giving him an opportunity allowed him to show his strengths and Golden State is better off for it.

If Kerr can be more open-minded towards his young players and start integrating them as the veterans slowly regress, the Warriors can have a bright future under Kerr in a new era.

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