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Stuck, the list for cherry deputies – El Financiero

Days and weeks go by, and in Morena there is no internal consensus to define the final list of who will be its candidates for the Chamber of Deputies. After several false alerts, it was announced that they would come out last Friday, after they always didn’t and that it would be on Saturday or Sunday. And neither. Yesterday, the national leader, Mario Delgado, argued that “the lists are already finished” and it is necessary to “define the substitutes.” He acknowledged that there is “pressure, nervousness, fake news, misinformation and rumors”, but asked for “confidence”, because “we are on time, the deadline expires on February 22…”.

Parties are looking to get back on the ‘pink wave’

Although it is organized by civil society organizations, federal and local legislators from PRI, PAN, PRD and MC announced that they will join the March for Our Democracy, on Sunday, February 18. What the organizers will clarify this Monday is that the parties should not lead the march, in which the speaker will be Lorenzo Córdova, former president of the INE. Perhaps, as some analysts point out, after Alito Moreno, Marko Cortés and Jesús Zambrano left non-party citizens off the lists for popularly elected positions, some politicians are seeking to return with the pink wave. Be?

Side effects of an amparo

In one of these, the fact that, due to a protection, President López Obrador can no longer mention her in the morning is backfiring on Xóchitl Gálvez. The fact that the PAN candidate was on the lips of the Executive had her more present in public opinion. The proof is that this is how he catapulted himself to the presidential candidacy in an indisputable way. Now the allusions are only indirect, like the comment about the visit to the OAS…

Sheinbaum questions ITESO

The academic community came out in defense of the respected researcher Rossana Reguillo, director of the Western Institute of Technology and Higher Studies, after Claudia Sheinbaum’s disqualification from ITESO. The Morenista assured that it had been demonstrated that the institute – which was selected to collect the social network questions that will be asked in the debates – was “against the fourth transformation.” “Debates have to be held in an environment of neutrality. We do not agree that they are already shifting the balance to one side,” Sheinbaum said. It is difficult to vilify an academic with international recognition, such as Reguillo.

The ‘promptness’ of the FGR

Last Thursday it emerged that José Ángel Casarrubias Salgado, the Mochomo, one of the leaders of the Guerreros Unidos cartel and involved in the Ayotzinapa case, had been released from prison. The truth is that although he was “released” by a judge, he was only released for one of the criminal cases he faces. The Attorney General’s Office of the Republic warned that he remains in a maximum security federal prison, for the crimes of organized crime and forced disappearance. It took three days for the institution in charge of Alejandro Gertz Manero to specify the information. If that’s how they are for everything…

For a vote accessible to all

Labels printed in braille, a braille mask or a Fresnel-type magnifying glass are some of the materials that the Electoral Institute of Mexico City developed so that the population with a disability can exercise their right to vote. The additions include a ‘modular electoral gate’, designed to facilitate access for people with motor disabilities or older adults who use a wheelchair or crutches. Although she assured that there is still a lot to work on, Katia D’Artigues, president of the Yo Also Foundation, AC, recognized that the IECM is an organization that has implemented good practices and actions to make electoral processes more inclusive. Congratulations.

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