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Super Bowl Dunkin Donuts Commercial 2024: Tom Brady, Jennifer Lopez & Other A-Listers Delight Fans With Their Impressive Acts

Apart from being a sporting spectacle, what makes the Super Bowl memorable is the glamour. From crazy Halftime performances, celebrities in the stands, and star-studded commercials – the Super Bowl has always charmed people with its grandeur. Grandeur from a monetary perspective is however embodied the best by Super Bowl commercials.

With a TV spot during the Super Bowl being priced to the moon, brands have an extra chip on their shoulder to deliver their creative best. There’s always a winner from every Super Bowl edition. And from the looks of it, we already have a clear winner this year – The Dunkin Donuts Commercial.

Dunkin Donuts has been one of the most creative brands when it comes to commercials. Their Super Bowl LVII was a super hit with power couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez being in the thick of things. While last year’s commercial ended with JLo ending on a high after showing up at Affleck’s workspace [Dunkin Donuts]; Affleck in today’s commercial was out for revenge.

What does Affleck do to get back at JLo? Trust his musical inclinations and perform a piece with his boy band of Matt Damon and Touchdown Tom [Brady] to grab a spot in JLo’s upcoming album.

With a premise like this, the commercial was bound to be funny and boy did it deliver. The commercial starts with Jack Harlow in the car advising Affleck to not pursue his plan for revenge. “I don’t think you should do this,” warns the “Lovin’ on Me” hitmaker. Affleck as expected shoots it down and goes ahead anyway.

Cut to the next shot, Affleck enters his wife’s studio with partners Tom Brady and Matt Damon in matching bright orange and fuchsia tracksuits. “Here comes the Boston Massacre! The DunKings!” Affleck declares as the group makes its entrance.

Before beginning with his performance, Affleck introduces Tom Brady by addressing the GOAT as “Touchdown Tom on the keys”. Matt Damon meanwhile is referred to as Affleck’s best friend drawing a sarcastic reply from Damon. “It’s really hard to be your friend, man …” cheekily quips Damon.

After all the small talk, we finally get to the song. Affleck’s track — “Don’t Dunk Away at My Heart,” features the lyrics “Don’t dunk away with my heart / Why you Dunkin’ me, girl?”. The lyrics are wacky and what’s wackier are the synchronized dance moves by Affleck & Co. As Ben pulls off this spectacle, Lopez and Fat Joe beside her are stunned.

As expected, Affleck failed to charm Lopez to get into her album. The commercial ends with a dejected Affleck walking down the street with Damon. This is where the commercial gets at his humourous best as Damon tells this to Affleck – “Remember when I told you I’d do anything for you? This is anything.” Affleck quickly shrugs the banter off and takes solace in the fact that they at least have a drink made on them – The Dunkins. It seemed to be an instant fan favorite, as fans took to social media to show their appreciation at this masterpiece in creative branding.

Loading embed tweet https://twitter.com/Glycoleysis/status/1756851218159165466?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

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While many called it the best of the lot, a few others emphasized how they were impressed by the humor.

Loading embed tweet https://twitter.com/AletheDenis/status/1756844880507060630?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

Loading embed tweet https://twitter.com/jamiejamesco/status/1756844845996401144?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw

As the final line of the commercial suggested, this commercial was made to promote their new line of drinks launching tomorrow. The commercial overall was very well done. The advertisement had the branding on point throughout the run time. This kept the brand allegiance high. The usage of all the celebrities in the commercials was also perfect. While Brady added the NFL touch, Damon’s banter with Affleck was the comic relief, and the Boston crew truly pulled through.

Lastly, they continued the commercial from last year thus making many look back at the last one. This meant double recall. The fans also agree with this sentiment and have been showering praises ever since. Truly a slam dunk of a commercial by Dunkin Donuts!

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