Three months after the interruption of the race due to bad weather, Len decided to homologate the result by freezing the positions at the moment of the stop

Mario Sanzullo won the gold medal in the 25km swim garlic Europeans in Romeplacing himself on the top step of an all-Italian podium, completed by Dario Verani (silver) and Matthew Furlan (bronze). The official assignment of the title takes place at more than three months after the tenderwhich took place on August 20th in the waters of Ostia and interrupted after 19 km due to bad weather, when there were five Italians in the first five positions. There European Swimming League, initially, had not awarded the athletes, but after a long investigation it retraced its steps, deciding to freeze the positions at the time of the forced stop. Naturally, the same happened for the women’s race, which saw the success of the Frenchwoman Caroline Jouissein front of the Italians Barbara Pozzobon And Veronica Santoni.

The homologation of the result thus retouches the blue medalistalready extraordinarily rich: Italy officially closes the continental event with the beauty of 72 medalsof which 25 in gold, 26 in silver and 21 in bronze.


“Following a thorough investigation into incidents at two LEN Open Water events, where the safety of the athletes had been compromised, LEN decided to review the results of the competition and initiated proceedings towards the creation of a new LEN Technical Open Water Swimming Committee (TOWSC).LEN has decided to open an independent investigation into the open water swimming events in Ostia (25km European Championships held on 20 August 2022) and Kiel (leg of the LEN OWS Cup held on 26 August 2022) during its executive meeting in Split on September 9, to reinforce the principle that the safety of athletes must be the number one priority.The investigation was carried out by the independent UK-based company Quest, in collaboration with an expert They conducted interviews and analyzed questionnaire feedback to establish the facts and draw the following conclusions:

– The decision to suspend the 25KM of Ostia by the Chief Referee and Safety Office after more than three hours was made in accordance with FINA rules and had a clear motivation.

– The decision to cancel the suspension by the TOWSC Commission was in violation of FINA Open Water rules and caused confusion among swimmers and coaches. The TOWSC’s decision not to award medals for that event was wrong.

Based on these recommendations, the LEN Executive set up a Special Committee which requested that the Head Judges of the two events establish a ranking of the athletes at the time of suspension of the competition. This was then verified with the study of the related television footage. With this information in hand, the LEN Bureau decided to honor athletes’ performances and award medals and cash prizes for the 25KM races of the European Championships based on the ranking established by the Chief Judges.

The investigators, the special committee and the executive made several observations during the investigative process and their conclusion was that:

– Safety must be the top priority and concern in any open water LEN competition.

– Procedures need to be strengthened, clearly communicated and documented.

As a result, the LEN Office has decided that more leadership skills and knowledge of open water swimming rules and appropriate procedures are needed in the Open Water Swimming Technical Committee. This will help ensure safe racing and further development of the open water swimming discipline of our sport. The LEN office has decided to form a new Open Water Technical Committee based on a competency matrix. All federations will soon be able to submit candidates based on the skills required. Applications from members of the current TOWSC, which is currently suspended, will also be accepted.

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