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SZA Choked Up After Winning Best R&B Song At Grammy Awards 2024; Here’s Who She Thanked During Emotional Acceptance Speech

In a touching moment at the 2024 Grammy Awards, SZA found herself breathless and emotional as she accepted the coveted award for Best R&B Song. The acclaimed singer’s win was a culmination of a remarkable journey, making her the most nominated artist of the night and securing a special place in the glamorous 2024 Grammy nights.

SZA won a Grammy award for her song Snooze in the Best R&B Song category

SZA’s soul-stirring track, Snooze, from her 2022 album SOS, emerged victorious in the Best R&B Song category. The song triumphed over formidable contenders, including Coco Jones’ ICU, Halle’s Angel, Robert Glasper ft. Sir & Alex Isley’s Back to Love, and Victoria Monét’s On My Mama. The win marked a significant milestone for SZA, and her raw, emotive performance struck a chord with both fans and critics.

Upon receiving the award, SZA, visibly overwhelmed, shared a heartfelt acceptance speech that encapsulated her journey in the music industry. Apologizing for her breathlessness, she remarked, “Sorry I’m out of breath because I was changing, then I took a shot and I ran here.” She expressed gratitude to fellow artist Lizzo, the award presenter, and dropped a glimpse of her past connection with the artist after she shared a big hug with her, revealing, “But Lizzo and I have been friends since 2013 when we were both on a tiny RedBull tour together opening up in small rooms for like 100 people. And to be on the stage with her is so amazing, I’m so grateful.”

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SZA extended her thanks to a multitude of individuals who played pivotal roles in her life and career, including her parents and other beloved ones, overwhelming expressing, “I would like to thank my parents, my mom and my dad, God, Top Dawg, Punch, all of TDE and my siblings at TDE, to my godparents, to my niece. I just. I’m sorry, I’m just really overwhelmed.” Choking up she continued, “You don’t really understand. I came really, really far and I can’t believe this is happening and it feels very fake.”

As she concluded her emotional speech, SZA made a special shoutout to Taylor Swift, expressing her gratitude and affection before amusingly adding, “And I’m… Hi Taylor! I’m just really grateful. And I’m not an attractive crier. Have a good evening.”

SZA’s Grammy journey

SZA’s triumph at the 2024 Grammys follows her earlier success at the 2022 ceremony when she clinched the award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for her feature in Doja Cat’s “Kiss Me More.” During that momentous occasion, Doja Cat praised SZA as “the epitome of talent,” lauding her skills as a lyricist.

SZA during her performance (Image Courtesy: Getty Images)

This year, SZA’s exceptional talent garnered an astonishing nine Grammy nominations, making her the most nominated artist at the 2024 Grammys. Among these nominations, excluding Snooze, were categories like Song of the Year, Best R&B Performance, Record of the Year for Kill Bill, Best Traditional R&B Performance for Love Language, and Best Melodic Rap Performance for Low. 

Further, the superstar received nominations for Album of the Year and Best Progressive R&B Album for her album SOS. Additionally, she secured another win later that night for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for the haunting duet Ghost in the Machine, featuring Phoebe Bridgers.

As the curtain fell on the 2024 Grammy Awards, SZA emerged as a beacon of musical excellence and emotional authenticity. Her win in the Best R&B Song category for Snooze not only added another accolade to her growing collection but also reflected her ability to dominate the R&B genre. 

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