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Taylor Swift ‘quietly hanging out’ with Travis Kelce-inspired meme

If you thought the internet was going to let the rumor drop that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were “quietly hanging out” without having some fun with that verbiage, think again. Social media is having a field day with the fast developing “quietly hanging out” meme.

Either inspired by the purported casual relationship between the pop star and all-pro tight end, or doubtful of its existence, users are quickly adding their own concoctions to the rumor mill about who Swift is “quietly hanging out” with, and the results are getting zanier and zanier.

Among the more popular entries, one Happy Gilmore inspired version is from someone with the Shooter McGavin handle, who posted a picture of Swift and Ben Stiller as his infamous nursing home character in the film, along with the caption “BREAKING: Singer Taylor Swift and Silver Acres Rest Home Supervisor, Hal L, have been ‘quietly hanging out,’ per multiple sources.”

Another user links Swift to Pixar’s beloved robot Wall-E, “Taylor Swift and Wall-e have been ‘quietly hanging out,’ The Messenger reports.”

Taylor Swift has also been rumored to be “quietly hanging out” with nearly every college and professional sports mascot, cartoon character and video game hero under the sun. No word on how Travis Kelce feels about this meme poking fun at (or undercutting) his relationship with Swift, but if you haven’t added to the rumor mill of who Taylor Swift has been “quietly hanging out” with yet, get on it — and dibs on her quietly hanging out with a can of Campbell’s Chunky Soup!

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