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Tehran hands over 5 prisoners and Biden releases $6 billion in assets – El Financiero

five prisoners searched for USA in an exchange with Iran they flew from Tehran this September 18, officials reported when explaining the details of an agreement that allowed the thawing of almost $6 billion in Iranian assets.

Despite the agreement, tensions will almost certainly remain highs between the United States and Iranwho are caught up in various disputes, including Tehran’s nuclear program.

Iran assures that its program is peaceful and has no military purpose, but now enriches uranium more than ever to weapons-grade levels.

The exchange was planned amid a major US military buildup in the Persian Gulf, with the possibility of US troops boarding and protecting commercial ships in the Strait of Hormuzthrough which 20 percent of all oil shipments pass.

What we know about the exchange between the US and Iran

President Joe Biden welcomed news of the release in a statement, saying that “five innocent Americans who were imprisoned in Iran are finally returning home.”

He urged Americans not to travel to Iran and demanded more information about what happened to Bob Levinsonan American who disappeared years ago.

Biden also announced sanctions on former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Iranian Intelligence Ministry.

In addition to the five released Americans, two American relatives were taken from Iranaccording to the administration official.

Flight tracking data showed that a flight of Qatar Airways took off from Tehran Mehrabad International Airportwhich has been used for exchanges in the past.

In a video published by Iranian media, several of the former prisoners could be seen climbing the stairs to the flight. Subsequently, The plane landed in Doha, Qatar.

Meanwhile, Nour Newsa website believed to be close to Iran’s security apparatus, published that two of the Iranian prisoners had arrived in Doha for the exchange.

Shortly before, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said the exchange will take place after some $6 billion in Iranian funds, which were frozen, reach Qatar, a key piece of the deal.

“Fortunately the Iranian assets frozen in South Korea were released and God willing, Today the assets will begin to be completely controlled by the government and the nation”Kanaani stressed.

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