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Texas schools will take advantage of live astronomy classes! – The financial

The total solar eclipse is just around the corner, and it is one of the most anticipated astronomical phenomena, since it is a phenomenon that will pass over Texas next Monday, April 8, and while many school districts will close their doors, others will take advantage of the opportunity to learn experientially.

For example, districts such as Ennis ISD, Wxahachie ISD, Greenville ISD, Corsicana ISD, and a few others in downtown Texas They have already announced that they will not have classes that day.

However, others, such as Frisco ISD will not cancel its educational day, but student absences with a note from parents may be justified. Additionally, the school district will provide its students with glasses to view the solar eclipse that day.

Meanwhile, the Arlington ISD district noted that schools and offices belonging to this sector will continue to be open during the astronomical phenomenon, and in addition to this, the lessons of that day will be developed around the eclipse for a greater learning.

Other districts such as Dallas ISD, and Fort Worth ISD reported that they will not close on April 8.

What are the special projects for the total solar eclipse?

About a dozen students from the University of Miami and Talawanda High School prepare to take advantage of the day of the eclipse andrCarry out scientific research on the topic.

Students have been going out at night for several months to use the moon as a guide and peer into space through an advanced telescope that science teacher Heidi Schran helped obtain through a grant from the National Science Foundation.

As part of the grant program, the detailed images captured on the day of the eclipse will be used for three things: a documentary, scientific research on the solar corona, and attracting more young women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

In addition to them, it is estimated that there are around 70 other similar teams throughout the country waiting for the day of the eclipse. Your images and work will be used to help scientists, from POT to university researchers, to learn more about the sun.

What time will I be able to see the eclipse?

Depending on the area you are in, it is the time when you will be able to observe the total solar eclipse more or less clearly, but in the case of North Texas, at 1:40 pm CT, it will be the ideal time to appreciate this phenomenon that will not be repeated until 2044.

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