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“That morning…” – Libero Quotidiano

There were a few clues that morning that were weirdsince early in the morning”: Gaia Tortora, guest of Fabio Fazio a What’s the weather like on Rai 3, she returned to talk about the ordeal of her father Enzo. Who in June 1983 was arrested because he was unjustly accused of drug trafficking. His innocence was recognized only in 1986, when the Court of Appeal of Naples acquitted him. The conductor then died in 1988. The La7 journalist will also talk about this story in the book “Head up, and forward”, to be released on March 21st. In this regard, she confessed: “It cost me, like all books when they are written. The moment they are written is a therapy. I hadn’t come to terms with having to talk about it afterwards”.

Speaking of her father Enzo, Tortora said: “Dad was extremely ironic. They were joking with Piero Angela, with other friends… and I thought as I saw these images that they took away the possibility of happiness and lightness from an entire family”. Recalling the moment of the arrest, the journalist revealed that “after nothing was as before”. And again: “What still pains me a lot today is how the information has treated this horrendous page and unfortunately it has no less responsibility than a certain malagiustizia”.

In the end, the Tortora book closes with an extract from a letter from the father addressed to his daughter Gaia. Fazio read part of it at the end of the interview: “I know that in your wishes there is a space for me and this, believe me, it makes me happy and helps me a lot“.

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