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The fear of businessmen – El Financiero

It is understood that they are fed up with audits, harassment, blackmail, public mistreatment of the President and that their companies are at the whim of the direct contracts that the government grants them.

With this fatigue on their shoulders, the big businessmen, for the most part, have chosen to align themselves with the official candidate because they hope that in this way they will buy personal peace and tranquility for their companies.

You are wrong. Totally wrong.

And not because Claudia Sheinbaum is a bad person (I have no idea), but because the project she heads is contrary to free enterprise.

Sheinbaum does not come from the democratic left nor has he been active in it.

They are statists, and they say so.

They are against the validity of the rule of law, and they say so.

They also practice it: above the law, their whims and their phobias.

The businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego is litigating a tax issue with the government, and instead of waiting for the legal instances to be exhausted where an autonomous power – the Judiciary – will definitively say who is right, they proposed a reduction taken from the sleeve.

Does the owner of Azteca not like the offer?

There the National Guard goes to take by force and close a golf course they own in Huatulco.

That is typical of a gangster government: ‘silver or lead’ is what they are telling you.

Another businessman had his railroad tracks taken away with rifles in hand.

The law, the rule of law and individual guarantees matter a damn when the interpreter of ‘the will of the people’ decides otherwise.

It is not a matter of the personality of the current President. It is the essence of a political current that grew and came to power with the idea that poverty is the fault of wealth.

The law, they think, has the function of defending the mafia from economic power. It should not be fulfilled, because it is unfair.

Do employers support that philosophy in exchange for discretionary contracts?

Well, that’s what they will have.

Both the President and his presidential candidate support a constitutional reform project, which is already in Congress, which means the end of the rule of law.

Let the will of the majority decide, which brought a popular candidate to the position of judge.

Popular courts.

Judges are appointed and removed by ‘the people’.

And the ultimate interpreter of the will of the people is the President.

That’s what López Obrador and Sheinbaum believe.

It is not that the President and his candidate are good or bad people: they believe and fight for this idea of ​​justice.

And do businessmen also believe in that?

There is the nut of what is defined in June.

We are going to vote on that.

Xóchitl Gálvez was right when he said on Tuesday before members of Coparmex: “Lose your fear or we’ll go to hell.”

Businessmen who have kept their distance from the government’s incidents and crimes are making an effort to rebuild their relationship with the Cuatroté.

They are tired of suffering the economic consequences of the stigma that the President places on them in the morning conferences and they do not want to live another six years of nightmare.

They think that by bending on substantial issues they will have a good relationship with President Sheinbaum. They are right, but they will have to live doubled.

There will be no problem with President Gálvez, since she is a democrat and will not persecute critics.

That is why they see it as a good, ‘pragmatic’ bet, to bow down to the candidate who does not believe in harmonious coexistence with those who have a vision of the country different from theirs.

Either you submit or I submit you.

That is the dilemma, among others, for communication entrepreneurs.

President López Obrador said it very clearly – and Claudia Sheinbaum supported it hours later – when he subdued Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas: “There is no middle ground. “Either you are with the people or you are with the oligarchy.”

It is a matter of choosing, now that it is still possible.

Do they want contracts drawn from the will of their little finger?

Then make a fence to cheer on the President on the Zócalo square, after 800 thousand deaths from covid.

Shut up and smilingly attend the Palace raffle for the presidential plane, because with the proceeds “the government will buy medicine,” according to what they were told.

They have just handed Mexico over to a group of intolerant, authoritarian and incompetent people.

Almost no one realizes their fear to defend the preeminence of a country of laws.

Only their children and the following generations are seeing them.

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