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The murder of Yankee – El Financiero

Two state police officers were linked to proceedings for the murder of Yankee normalist Kothan Gómez Peralta on March 7, but one more, allegedly the one who shot the young man, is a fugitive. The rapid action against them was promoted by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, probably to avoid what happened with President Enrique Peña Nieto, who for not acting immediately in the case of the disappearance of the 43 normalistas from Ayotzinapa in Iguala, his omission became responsibility, guilt and jail for several senior officials of his administration.

The President did some quick damage control and, so far, it has worked for him. However, the case of Yanqui Kothan is not as clear as the authorities have presented it, due to additional information that remains reserved and that, unlike the efforts of López Obrador’s spokesmen to unlink the murder with the protests of the relatives of the missing normalistas, the crimes are linked, as their lawyers claim.

Maribel Gutiérrez, a meticulous reporter from The South of Acapulco, revealed on March 12 that Yanqui Kothan was in the first line of protest by the relatives of the normalistas on March 6, when a door of the National Palace was knocked down. Gutiérrez had access to a photograph that the young man sent to a relative, taken from a Radio Formula broadcast, where he encloses a person with a cherry jacket with the hood covering his head, a white backpack and his face covered with a gas mask. . The image of that person is circled and in the message to his relative Yanqui Kothan wrote: “Here I am.”

Nobody, except his companions at that time, knew who the hooded man was, but the Military Intelligence services located him from the first moment as one of the main instigators to knock down the wooden door in the National Palace, and they followed him to Tixtla, in the outskirts of Chilpancingo, where the Isidro Burgos de Ayotzinapa Rural Normal School is located. The first report from the Guerrero State Police indicated that his death had occurred in a confrontation with firearms, after the agents asked him to stop the truck in which he was traveling because there was information that it was stolen.

There is the first inconsistency of the official version. The report established that the Nissan NP300 truck in which it was being transported was reported as stolen when passing through the arch of the Public Vehicle Registry, which reads the license plates of the vehicles and in seconds, according to people who have worked with that instrument, cross-references the information with the stolen vehicle database. However, the truck did not have a rear license plate, as can be seen in the few images of the vehicle, so that version falls apart.

The first version of the Guerrero government, released by López Obrador, was corrected by the President himself three days later by stating that it had been a murder. The way the crime was carried out leaves more doubts than answers. The 23-year-old young man entered the General Hospital in Chilpancingo at 9:20 p.m. in a coma with “a wound with irregular edges of approximately 15 centimeters” that had fractured the skull and left the brain mass exposed; That is to say, he was practically dead, and the adrenaline they gave him could not keep him alive except for 20 minutes.

A person who saw photographs of the student from the front said that the shot in the upper part of the face was clear. A police expert added that, from what can be seen in a lateral photograph that has been circulated, the shot was in the upper area of ​​the forehead and, due to the height of the truck, it must have been fired by a person on foot who, when firing from the front it almost blew his skull off. Given the history, a working hypothesis is that it was an execution. An expert opinion that is not altered will allow this point to be clarified.

The published photograph generates more suspicions. In it, Yanqui Khotan can be seen in a position where his forehead is almost at the height of the steering wheel, which, in the opinion of the experts, if it had been a confrontation or a shot from a distance, whoever did it must have had not only good aim and training, but luck. The shot itself opens another avenue of suspicion. Police officers are trained to force a vehicle to stop, and when they need to shoot to make that happen, they do so at the tires, never at people and even less at the head.

The only ones who shoot when this doesn’t happen are the military. In none of the official versions has there been any mention of a military presence, but there is information that they were in the crime area due to the telephone records. It is not clear, for now, what role they played in this tragic episode, outside of the military unit that followed Yanqui Kothan from the National Palace to Tixtla. It is also not clear if the young man detected that he was being followed.

The murder of Yankee Kothan, regardless of who was the real perpetrator of the crime, was an extrajudicial execution. Neither the expert reports nor the autopsy are known to determine – if they do not alter them – what the murder was like – form and distance –, the type of weapon used, its history and trajectory. There were also no criminal sanctions against the former Secretaries of Public Security and Government, General Rolando Solano and Ludwig Marcial Reynoso, for omission, concealment and false statements, nor have any details been given about the investigation of the dismissed prosecutor, Lieutenant Colonel Sandra Luz. Valdovinos, which he announced would be announced.

The crime has been kept at the state level, but there was a federal intervention that has to be clarified, because, in the best of cases, the intelligence unit that followed Yanqui Kothan has the precise data on how the murder occurred and, above all, who really committed it.

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