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The number of deaths caused by rain in Rio rises to six | Rio de Janeiro

Homes collapsed at the scene.Photo: Reproduction

Published 03/23/2024 08:01 | Updated 03/23/2024 08:17

Rio – The heavy rains that have hit the state of Rio since last Thursday (21) have already caused at least six deaths. According to the state Civil Defense, three people died in a collapse in Petrópolis, one in Teresópolis, Arraial do Cabo and also in Baixada Fluminense. Around 90 people were rescued alive by the Fire Department.

The last victim of the rains would be a 7-year-old child, who lived in a property hit by a landslide in the community of Korea, in Teresópolis. Two adults who lived in the same property were buried, but rescued alive. Another child, believed to be this victim’s brother, is still being sought under the rubble.

In Petrópolis, three deaths were confirmed in the collapse of a house in the Independência neighborhood. The case happened during the afternoon of this Friday (22). Firefighter teams are still searching for two victims who were believed to be buried. To date, four people have been rescued alive at the scene.

In the Lagos Region, in Arraial do Cabo, Kelwen Ramos, was in the town known as Prainha when he was struck by lightning. He would be walking and would be removing his work materials at the time he received the discharge. Firefighters arrived at the scene, but the man was already found dead.

Two other people were also hit, one 21 and the other 29 years old, but were only injured and taken to the General Hospital of Arraial do Cabo.

Rain in Petrópolis

The Petrópolis Civil Defense has already recorded 109 emergency calls, 75 of which were due to landslides, caused by the rain that began last Thursday. The municipality is currently in a state of crisis due to more than 300 mm of rain accumulated in the last 24 hours.

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