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16 years after the death of Valentín Elizalde, the Mexican regional music singer continues to be one of the greatest exponents of the genre. The public continues to reproduce all his hits, a fact that led the followers of his legacy to release today, on his death anniversary, a posthumous album.

His fans still mourn the murder of the interpreter, who died after a shooting attack along with his representative and driver. “El Gallo de Oro” is undoubtedly today a regional music legend, but do you know the origin of his nickname? At MILENIO we share the story with you.

Why was Valentín Elizalde called “El Gallo de Oro”?

The story behind Valentín’s nickname is a very significant and familiar one, since it is a tribute to his father, Everardo Elizalde.

Everardo also built a career in music after working as a furniture salesman and collector. Originally from the El Chaleco neighborhood, located in Guasave, Sinaloa, he created Dueto Hermosillo, which later changed its name to Los Dos Gallos.

Later in his career, already as a soloist, he chose to present himself as ‘El Gallo Grande’. For his part, Valentín developed his taste for the world of entertainment while he grew up hand in hand with his father among the palenques.

The family union would break with the tragic death of Everardo in a car accident, when Valentin was just 13 years old.

Finally, as a tribute and to continue with his father’s legacy, Valentín Elizalde made his way into music under the nickname “El Gallo de Oro”.


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