PALERMO (ITALPRESS) – A day dedicated to attention to students, the one that took place today in Palazzo dei Normanni, in Palermo, headquarters of the Ars, as part of the celebrations of the twentieth anniversary of the regional law establishing the Sicilian Ersu – regional bodies for the right to university study. At the center of the comparison are the results obtained and the goals to be achieved in order to improve the services offered to children with economic difficulties, but deserving of support for the academic profit achieved.
“I want to establish a collaboration between the new government and the institutions entitled to study – said Augusta Montaruli, undersecretary of state at the Ministry of University and Research -. I want to tell students that they are the backbone of scientific academia. Their first home is the Ministry of University and Research, where they can always find frank and serious interlocutors. These 20 years shouldn’t be a moment of celebration, but of projection. We need to value students and their excellence. We cannot fail.”
A virtuous path that of the Sicilian Ersu who, albeit not with little difficulty, have managed to reach important numbers in terms of scholarships, accommodation and services offered: “The data of this region project us on the right path and for this I want to congratulate with the Sicilian Ersu – underlined Montaruli -. Too often we talk about brain drain. Every brain that escapes – perhaps with a scholarship abroad – is a failure for those who have not provided it here. With the funds we are trying to increase the number and size of scholarships and housing, but we can no longer think only from the point of view of the Pnrr, but also think about the post-Pnrr. We are here to try to overcome the critical issues. The horizon is not the Pnrr, but the next 20 years. We must ensure that this investment is not wasted. We must be able to give every boy the freedom to put the acquired competence at the service of his nation. I renew the Mur’s commitment to making all this happen. There must be a long thread that supports our kids from school to the world of work”.
Dialogue, comparison and ideas to improve and grow, this will require a regional control room that is ready to be set up: “I am convinced that, with a relationship of loyal collaboration, we can fill some gaps with which Sicily collides – he affirmed the regional councilor for Education and Professional Training, Mimmo Turano -. We are working on everything we can to fortify the Sicilian Ersu. Today I will sign a decree that will set up a control room among the regional Ersu to coordinate everything and build a mechanism in which to find a balance point to implement an overall strategy “.
During the event, great appreciation for the report by Professor Giuseppe Laneve, professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Macerata, entitled “The Right to University Study between constitutional discipline and interventions by the legislator” and for the ideas provided by the President of the Conference of the Rectors of the Sicilian Universities (CRUS), Giovanni Puglisi.
“Today more than ever it is very important to talk about the right to study – declared Alessio Pontillo, president of the National Association of Organizations for the Right to University Study (ANDISU) -. The recent evolutions of the European framework by virtue of the war and the increase in utilities and the economic crisis threaten social cohesion. The protection of the right to study is essential to ensure our social and economic development in the medium and long term. The government has made a large investment with the Pnrr for scholarships, however it risks being insufficient to achieve the result that the institutions for the right to study have obtained, i.e. being able to give the scholarship to all eligible students. In some Italian regions the resources may not be sufficient for this result. The hope is that there will be a further investment for institutions entitled to study”.
Great attention and proximity also of local institutions, with the presence of the president of the Sicilian Regional Assembly Gaetano Galvagno and the mayor of Palermo, as well as former rector of the University of Palermo and former regional councilor for education, Roberto Lagalla. “The goal must be to make students find the same services that are available outside, we need to encourage the right to study – underlined the mayor of Palermo -. From this point of view, the municipal administration is ready to take cues and ideas to be able to further develop this sector which must be encouraged and brought to the highest levels”.
All the representatives of the Sicilian ERSU also intervened to take stock and look to the near future: “The goal is to see the future in the medium and long term – explained the president of ERSU Palermo, Giuseppe Di Miceli -. I consider the dialogue between the institutions and all the regional ERSU fundamental, I am happy and satisfied with the establishment of a regional control room. In my opinion, more than resources, the problem is the comparison, organization and optimization of resources: these are the tools that allow you to overcome difficulties and optimize the system”.
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