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The van of journalist Andrés Salas is attacked with bullets; He got off her minutes before – El Financiero

He director of the Cuautla News portal, Andrés Salas, confirmed the attack on the vehicle in which his brother and his driver were traveling; Both were transported with injuries for medical attention, The worker died in the hospital. The communicator had gotten out of the vehicle minutes beforeHowever, he assured that it was an attempt to assassinate him.

The attack occurred on Ejercito Libertador Street, in the Gabriel Tepepa neighborhood, in the Municipality of Cuautla, Morelos; very near the communicator’s house. The journalist’s brother was transported by emergency services with two gunshot wounds and the driver, who did not manage to save his life, with four injuries.

The journalist says that he got out of his truck to attend to coverage activities.; Witnesses tell us that it was a mass organized by the former mayor and candidate for municipal president of Cuautla, Raúl Tadeo Nava, in which the desire that the campaigns would be developed in peace was contextualized.

Those attending the political-religious meeting managed to hear the detonations; After that, Andrés Salas was informed of the events.

On his social networks he requested to spread the information because feels in danger of being killed; He reported that he will proceed to file a complaint but fears for his life. He showed images of his truck to explain that it was a direct attack and not an attempted assault.

In his speech in a live broadcast, he demanded guarantees for the free exercise of his profession and expressed his doubts about returning home; Given this, he asked the authorities to act immediately.

Cuautla News is an information portal specialized in political notes and police coverage. In his message he noted that he has always worked honestly.

Cuautla is immersed in an insecurity crisis under the administration of Morenista Rodrigo Arredondo; Just on January 4, he was murdered inside a gym on candidate for PAN councilor Giovanni Lezama.

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