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the video-scandal – Libero Quotidiano

Simona Pletto

She is accused of luring her junior students with winking attitudes in class. Between one lesson and another, regardless of the risk run by the mobile phones often in the hands of the students in the desks, she would allow them to touch her private parts, where and how they wanted. Sexual acts all filmed in a video which is now being examined by the investigators and which has already cost the controversial forty-year-old teacher a suspension. It all happened at the Fermo Corni institute Modenaa vocational school that supplies companies with skilled workers, the same one that a few days ago ended up in the spotlight for a teacher who reported a heavy verbal assault by some students.

The sexy teacher who teaches anatomy: stripping in class, caught / Video

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Giulio Bucchi

Now to end up in the eye of the storm there is therefore a colleague who had done some substitutes in the same school. According to what has emerged, within the walls of the Modena higher institute there had been whispers for several weeks of those strange attitudes of prof. The school management itself reported the fact, which collected some testimonies, including the video filmed with the smartphone by the students themselves. The teacher was immediately suspended and entered in the register of suspects at the Modena Public Prosecutor’s Office on charges of soliciting minors.

“The attention is high, but at the moment I am not making any statements”, he wanted to underline Veronica Tommaselli, director of the provincial school office of Modena. As mentioned, it all started with the reports of some underage students who allegedly spoke of ‘particular’ behavior and unacceptable attitudes on the part of the teacher. Other testimonies were therefore collected and at that point the video would also have appeared which would prove what the boys said. The conditional remains a must, given the delicacy of what happened and the investigations still underway to ascertain the exact dynamics of the facts.

The video has never gone viral. The rapid intervention of the State Police prevented the film with potential hot content from ending up online and, in particular, on social networks, within everyone’s reach. The images of the equivocal attitudes with the involvement of minors filmed in the classroom were acquired by the police forces for the purpose of the investigation. The teacher will be heard in the prosecutor’s office in the coming days to provide his version of events. Some students involved in the alleged sexual harassment by the forty-year-old teacher have already been heard in protected forms as minors.

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