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They are moving on these roads today, February 5 – El Financiero

Despite the fact that this weekend the Ministry of the Interior reported that reached an agreement with carriers and the strike would be cancelled, the drivers of heavy vehicles confirmed that their mobilization is still ‘on’ and will They will gather in various parts of the country today, Monday, February 5.

According to Ignacio Granados, member of INDECO, the National Strike of Transporters It started at 8 in the morning this day and nearly 150 thousand drivers are expected to participate.

In an interview with Azucena Uresti, Granados ruled out the existence of an agreement with the federal government and He said he was unaware of the statement that the agency launched over the weekend: “We are still on strike, we do not understand what SEGOB’s intention was with the statement.”

For this mobilization, it is planned that the protesters will stand onand the sides of the roads and do not block any booth, that is, there will be no blockage; However, it is expected lane reduction.

The objective, say transporters, is to place blankets on the main highways of Mexico to obtain a dialogue on safety with other organizations and the federal government.

This February 4th, Segob had detailed in a statement that would agree to the installation of dialogue tables to continue the conciliation work and thereby reach agreements regarding the demands of the transporters, who ask for solutions to the issue of extortion and insecurity that they suffer in their daily work.

Among the points that the Government had proposed in a statement to resolve the conflict were the following:

  • Road safety from the National Guard and the SSPC.
  • Administrative attention from the Government and the SICT.
  • Liaison with municipal and state authorities in coordination with the Ministry of the Interior.

On which roads will the National Transport Strike take place?

The roads that will be affected today February 5 are:

  • Sinaloa: The point will be between Las Brisas, on Highway 15, between Guamúchil and Guasave.
  • Nayarit: It will be at the Diego de San Blas junction, at kilometer 30 of Mexico Highway 15, from Tepic to Mazatlán.
  • Jalisco: The point will be at the place known as ‘El 40’, on the Mexico 54 highway, from Manzanillo-Colima to Guadalajara. The other point is on Highway 80, between San Juan de los Lagos and Lagos de Moreno.
  • Guanajuato: It will be from Irapuato to Guanajuato and back to San Juan de los Lagos and Lagos de Moreno, the main place is kilometer 90.
  • Veracruz: It will be on its border with Tabasco, there will be approximately 100 kilometers affected by the march. The demonstration will begin from the Acayucan toll plaza to the borders of Veracruz with Tabasco.
  • Queretaro: The main point affected will be the North Arch, that is, kilometer 90, at its intersection with Highway 57, Mexico-Querétaro. Therefore, Bicentennial Circuit will also be affected.

In addition to Chihuahua and Chiapas. The main point is the North Arch, where all the leaders of the transporters are going to concentrate, “because that is where we intend to open the dialogue so that the authority commits to carrying out its work, that is why we determined that it would go there.” said one of the transporters.

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