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They arrest ‘El Tomate’, operator of the criminal group – El Financiero

A new blow for the Union Tepito It happened this Saturday due to the arrest of José ‘N’, alias ‘The Tomato’, one of the leaders of the criminal group, reported the CDMX Attorney General’s Office (FGJ CDMX).

Through a statement, the agency detailed that the arrest occurred in collaboration with the Secretary of the Navy.

During a search, three men were also arrested, among whom is ‘Tomato’. The protected homes are in the Buenavista colonies, in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office, San Marcos, in Azcapotzalco, and Popotla, in Miguel Hidalgo.

As part of the operation, drug-like substances, cartridges, a firearm and documents were seized.

According to research, one of the detainees would be related to a shooting occurred in the Garibaldi Square, in September 2018, which left 6 dead and 7 injured, according to the Prosecutor’s Office statement.

This was the previous arrests of ‘El Tomate’

This is the third arrest of ‘El Tomate’, considered one of the main operators of the Unión Tepito.

In March 2023 he was also arrested by the Prosecutor’s Office in the Popo Expansion colony just three months after his release.

‘El Tomate’ was hiding in a safe house that was used for storage and sale of narcotics.

The man is related to crimes as extortion, homicide, sale and distribution of drugs and collection of property. The Prosecutor’s Office indicated that the individual already had several admissions to the prison.

He is also close to the former leader of the same group, Roberto Moyado ‘El Betito’, who is in a federal prison in Veracruz.

This arrest is added to that of Eduardo Ramirez, ‘The Chori’, current leader of the Tepito Union who was captured on March 18 by Intelligence Agents of the Mexico City Police.

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