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They demand resignation of the governor of Campeche – El Financiero

About 2 thousand people marched through the main streets of the city led by the mayor of the municipality, Biby Rabelo de la Torre, to request the dismissal of Marcela Muñoz, head of the Secretariat of Protection and Citizen Security and Governor Layda Sansores San Román.

A movement that began as a fight for the labor rights of police officers of the municipality of Campeche ended up becoming a political demonstration, and last Friday it broke out a riot in the Kobén prison with a balance of more than 37 people injuredamong them 25 prisoners.

The police officers assured that they were sent to the Kobén Cereso accompanied by the women who make up that security force. without proper equipment and protection Because of what they said, they were “groped” and they risked their lives.

Since then the police They asked for the dismissal of its director, Antonio Saradán Santiago Solísand not having a favorable response, they also demanded the departure of its owner, Marcela Muñoz Martínez.

Yesterday, 2,000 people marched to the government palace shouting “Out Layda”, “Out Marcela”.

The contingent began the mobilization at the flagpole located on the city’s boardwalk and walked approximately two kilometers until they reached the government palace to shout slogans against the still head of the Secretariat of Citizen Protection and Security.

Already at the door of the palace The protesters threatened with what they called a vote of punishment and there the demonstration dissolved.

For her part, the governor Layda Sansoresin his Jaguar Tuesday program, He said that this protest was taken advantage of by the coalition led by the PRI to politicize the issue. and maintained that director Marcela Muñoz will continue to lead the Security Secretariat.

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