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This is how massive plagiarism occurred in rural communities of Sinaloa – El Financiero

In the early hours of this Saturday they were 18 people who were part of the families released kidnapped on Friday in rural communities of Culiacán.

Among them there are 6 adults and 5 children from the community of La Noria, who were located in the Infonavit Barrancos sector, a nearby neighborhood.

The authorities participating in the search detailed that 10 people met in the Barrancos sector and 8 in the city center.

Until now, they have refused to make statements about the kidnapping and preferred to take refuge in their homes in their respective communities.

What do we know about the families kidnapped in Sinaloa?

According to Secretary of Public Security, Gerardo Mérida, 7 people are missing from being released, according to the complaints.

The first reports of the mass kidnapping in Sinaloa occurred during the early hours of Friday, when there was talk of the kidnapping of 5 entire families, among whom there were children.

The events occurred after on Thursday, March 21, three bodies that were riddled with bullets and calcined in the Badiraguato mountain range.

The kidnapped families belong to the rural communities of La Noria, Imala and Sanalona. According to the Sinaloa Attorney General’s Office, the people deprived of liberty are the following:

From the town The twelvein the Sanalona receivership:

  • María Ofelia, 59 years old.
  • Javier Edgardo, 35 years old.
  • Jazmín Kareli, 31 years old.
  • Aylin Estefanía, 18 years old
  • Mayte, 10 years old.
  • Aitana, 5 years old.

In Los Angeles subdivision:

  • Getsabel, 41 years old.
  • Francisco Javier, 22 years old.
  • Misael, 27 years old.
  • A 10 year old boy.

In another town of The Ferris Wheel:

  • Miguel Ángel, 57 years old.
  • Juan Miguel, 37 years old.
  • Aurora, 53 years old
  • 4 minors.

The State Attorney General’s Office announced that no line of investigation has been ruled out and they are working with all the information collected about the kidnapping in Sinaloa, in order not to rule out any line of investigation that would allow us to locate the affected people.

The state agency emphasized that the number of people deprived of their liberty cannot be specified, although some local media reported that it amounted to 50, since complaints are still being received and the families of the victims are being cared for.

To strengthen security two battalions of special forces arrived of the Army with more than 600 troops to collaborate in the search for missing people.

300 troops and a battalion of the National Guard and a helicopter were also integrated to collaborate with the investigation.

‘These are things that happen,’ says Governor Rubén Rocha

When questioned about these facts, the Governor of Sinaoa, Rubén Rocha, He asked the population not to fear this situation because The kidnappings were not confirmed.

He added that “these are things that unfortunately happen” and guaranteed that there is authority in the state, which he noted “is in no way exceeded.”

Through his social networks he reported that there are several unconfirmed versions about the mass kidnapping; However, he reported that the Army, National Guard and state police are already working on a coordinated operation.

*With information from Carlos Velázquez and EFE

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