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This is the other love story in the 2024 Super Bowl – El Financiero

In addition to Taylor Swift —who flew 14 hours from Japan to Las Vegas to see Travis Kelce—, Saint Valentine shot precise arrows like the Patrick Mahomes passes during the 2024 Super Bowl.

After winning the two-time NFL championship and his third Super Bowl Most Valuable Player (MVP) trophy, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback celebrated with his girlfriend of ‘all life’, Brittany Matthews, and her two children a few days before February 14.

How did Mahomes and Matthews meet? This is the other love story of superbowl that he didn’t steal the spotlight.

Who is Brittany Matthews, Patrick Mahomes’ wife?

The quarterback’s wife Kansas City Chiefs born September 1, 1995 in the city of Whitehouse, a community of about 8,700 people in Texas.

Brittany Lynne Matthews is a fitness trainer, kinesiologist, influencer and entrepreneurwho has had a relationship of almost 10 years with Patrick Mahomes. Matthews and her husband own part of the Kansas City Current women’s American football team.

Another of his businesses is coaching and personal training.a service she offers through her website Brittany Lynne Fitness, where she describes herself as a former professional soccer player in Iceland.

“As a certified personal trainer with a four-year degree in kinesiology, I have experience in all levels of fitness and have taken that experience with me to create exercise programs for people at all stages of their fitness.

“Training like Britt means a lot of things: working hard, staying dedicated, not making excuses, and most of all, no bullshit! These programs are designed to tone, grow muscles and get strong. Don’t be afraid to lift heavy objects and make an effort!” says Mahomes’ wife.

How much money does Brittany Matthews have?

Patrick Mahomes’ wife He has a fortune valued at 10 million dollars. The majority of her income is from her work as a personal trainer and businesswoman.

Love story of Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews

The quarterback of the two-time champion Kansas City Chiefs and his wife met more than 10 years ago when they were students together at Whitehouse High School.

Back in 2014, Patrick Mahomes was barely listed as a star candidate in the NFL, ranking 398th. The 247Sports Composite ranking placed the quarterback as the 82nd player in Texas, so the dream of reaching winning a Super Bowl seemed distant.

In that context, Mahomes and Brittany Matthews began dating and became friends. Their love story continued as the quarterback continued his mission to conquer the NFL.

Just four years ago, In September 2000, Patrick Mahomes gave her the engagement ring to your couple. The wedding took place in March 2022 in Hawaii.

How many children do Brittany and Patrick Mahomes have?

The quarterback’s children were part of the celebrations of the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory in the Super Bowl 2024.

After a hug and a kiss with his wife, Patrick Mahomes carried one of his children. The couple had a girl and a boy. The oldest is called Sterling and was born in February 2021.

The second child of the Mahomes family is Patrick ‘Bronze’, who was born in November 2022.

Why doesn’t Mahomes’ wife get along with her brother-in-law?

Despite the happiness over the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2024 Super Bowl, there were some details between Brittany Mathews and Jackson Mahomes in the celebrations after the two-time championship.

Specialized media reported that Brittany did not allow Patrick Mahomes’ brother to be at her table during the celebration of the Chiefs’ two-time championship.

A video on social networks shows that Jackson Mahomes approached Brittany and she ‘made faces’ at him. In addition, it is noted that a security guard denies him access to the area where his brother’s wife is.

Last year, Jackson Mahomes was arrested on sexual harassment allegations.

Mahomes’ family has been embroiled in legal trouble recently. He Patrick Mahomes’ dad was arrested prior to the 2024 Super Bowl. The arrest was due to driving a vehicle while intoxicated.

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