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“This Was a Closer Show”: IFBB Vice President Tyler Manion Decodes 2024 Arnold Classic Physique UK With Post-Contest Analysis

A remarkable edition of the 2024 Arnold Classic Physique UK was recently concluded. A repeat of the American edition took place as Wesley Vissers triumphed over his rivals to claim the title again. However, IFBB vice president Tyler Manion recently posted a video on Instagram, in which he offered his post-event analysis, stating that the bodybuilders were in a tight contest.

Defending champion Ramon Dino lost his title to Dutch bodybuilder, Wesley Vissers at the Arnold Classic Physique in Columbus, Ohio. The bodybuilding community and Dino himself were both taken aback by it. Vissers maintained his form in the UK edition and was the one who provided the finest physique.

But Manion wasn’t exactly awestruck by Vissers’ physique. He points out the other bodybuilders who made magnificent progress to match up with the Dutch Oak:

“We start off with Wesley, who won again after winning in Columbus. Overall, I think this was a closer show than Columbus was between these guys here in the top three.”

Michael Daboul, Breon Ansley, Urs Kalecinski, and Wesley Vissers all advanced to the final round of pre-judging. As a whole, Manion was impressed by the finalists’ work. The IFBB vice president was very complimentary of Vissers’ favorite classic pose, side chest pose, and front double biceps stance.

With this, the next target for Vissers would be the Mr. Olympia. However, apart from complimenting the Dutch Oak, Tyler Manion also had some feedback for the bodybuilder:

“But he is just lacking in the gluten hamstring to balance out his physique. That’s his main weakness right now so now until the Olympia the main things that he needs to just work on to bring up.”

According to Manion, Breon Ansley will be the winner of the back double biceps pose. In regards to the abs pose, Manion complimented Urs Kalecinski, mentioning how well-defined his abs are. The American bodybuilder Ansley once again conquered the biceps pose, but this time it was from the front view.

Manion appreciated the progress of the bodybuilders in the 2024 Arnold Classic Physique UK, as he now expects a competitive Olympia line-up.

Wesley Vissers’ 2024 Arnold Classic Physique UK win

The Arnold Classic Physique was supposed to be a fiercely contested event, only a few weeks after the US edition. Wesley Vissers, however, was prepared for more after winning the Arnold Classic Physique in the US. After taking home the trophy, he received a few words of praise from Arnold Schwarzenegger at the US edition of the event.

He arrived on the stage and wasted no time claiming victory, showcasing his stunning overall body. The Dutch Oak took home two trophies for his traditional good looks this year. As we enter the offseason, Vissers plans to step up his training in preparation for the Mr. Olympia Classic Physique.

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