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Top 10 Best Brooklynn Prince Movies and TV Shows

Brooklynn Prince, a young talent with a remarkable presence on both the big and small screens, has captivated audiences with her versatility and natural charisma. Brooklyn Prince born on 2011 rose to prominence with her breakout role in The Florida Project, where she delivered a heart-wrenching performance, she has since graced various movies and TV shows. From her endearing portrayal in Home Before Dark to her captivating roles in films like The Turning and The One and Only Ivan, Brooklynn Prince movies and TV shows continues to showcase her immense talent, promising an exciting career ahead in the entertainment industry.

Top 10 Brookylnn Prince’s Movies and TV Shows

1. The Florida Project (6 October 2017)

Brooklynn Prince in The Florida Project (IMDb)

The Florida Project stands as a poignant exploration of childhood innocence amidst harsh realities. At its heart lies Brooklynn Prince’s unforgettable portrayal of Moonee, a spirited and resilient young girl navigating life in a budget motel on the outskirts of Disney World. Brooklynn Prince’s movies and TV Shows is nothing short of mesmerizing, exuding a raw authenticity that tugs at the heartstrings. Her chemistry with co-star Willem Dafoe, who plays the motel manager, adds depth to the film’s emotional impact. Through Brooklynn Prince actress portrayal, The Florida Project paints a vivid picture of childhood wonder and the bittersweet challenges of growing up in the shadow of poverty.

2. The One and Only Ivan (21 August 2020)

Brooklynn Prince in The One and Only Ivan (IMdb)

The One and Only Ivan showcases Brooklynn Prince actress talent once again in a heartwarming tale of friendship and courage. Portraying the character of Ruby, a young elephant longing for freedom, Brooklynn Prince age brings depth and vulnerability to the role. Her performance resonates with audiences as she captures the innocence and determination of her character. Alongside an ensemble cast, including voices like Sam Rockwell and Angelina Jolie, Brooklynn Prince movies and TV Shows portrayal contributes to the film’s emotional depth and charm. The One and Only Ivan stands as a testament to Prince’s versatility as an actress, further solidifying her place in the world of family entertainment.

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3. The Turning (24 January 2020)

Brooklynn Prince in The Turning (IMDb)

In The Turning, Brooklynn Prince actress showcases her talent in a chilling adaptation of Henry James’ classic novella The Turn of the Screw. As Flora, a young girl living in a remote estate with a troubled past, Brooklynn Prince age delivers a captivating performance that balances innocence with an eerie sense of foreboding. Her portrayal adds layers to the film’s suspenseful atmosphere, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. Brooklynn Prince’s movies invoke her ability to convey both vulnerability and strength makes her a standout in this psychological thriller. The Turning demonstrates Prince’s versatility as she navigates the complexities of a character caught in a haunting mystery.

4. Settlers (18 June 2021)

Brooklynn Prince in Settlers (IMDb)

In Settlers, Brooklynn Prince height takes on a compelling role in a thought-provoking science fiction thriller. As Remmy, a young girl growing up on a distant Mars colony, Brooklynn Prince actress delivers a performance filled with curiosity and resilience. Her portrayal captures the innocence of youth amidst the harsh realities of survival on an unforgiving frontier. Prince’s chemistry with her co-stars adds depth to the film’s exploration of isolation and the human condition. Settlers showcases Prince’s ability to immerse herself in diverse roles, further establishing her as a rising star in the realm of science fiction cinema.

5. The Smoking Gun (2021)

Brooklynn Prince in The Smoking Gun (IMDb)

The Smoking Gun is a crime thriller Brooklynn Prince movies and TV Shows released in 2021, directed by Maarten Groen. In the movie, Brooklynn Prince actress takes on the role of Olivia, a young girl who becomes entangled in a dangerous web of deception and intrigue. As the daughter of a detective investigating a high-profile murder case, Olivia inadvertently uncovers key evidence that could solve the crime. Prince’s portrayal of Olivia is compelling, capturing the character’s innocence and curiosity, while also showcasing her determination to uncover the truth. The Smoking Gun highlights Prince’s versatility as an actress, further solidifying her talent in the realm of suspenseful cinema.

6. Home Before Dark (2020-)

Brooklynn Prince in Home Before Dark (IMDB)

Home Before Dark is a mystery Brooklynn Prince TV show drama that premiered in 2020, inspired by the true story of young journalist Hilde Lysiak. Brooklynn Prince age stars as Hilde Lisko, a young girl who moves with her family from Brooklyn to her father’s hometown in rural Washington. Determined to follow in her father’s footsteps as a journalist, Hilde begins investigating a cold case that the town has tried to bury. Prince’s portrayal of Hilde is both endearing and determined, capturing the character’s relentless pursuit of truth and justice. Her performance anchors the series, earning praise for its authenticity and emotional depth. Home Before Dark showcases Brooklyn Prince’s age talent as a young actress, solidifying her status as a rising star in the world of television.

7. The Marsh King’s Daughter (3 November 2023)

The Marsh King’s Daughter was a psychological thriller film directed by Morten Tyldum, based on the novel of the same name by Karen Dionne. In Brooklynn Prince movie and Tv show, she portrayed the young Helena, who grew up in isolation in the wilderness with her parents. Unbeknownst to her, her father, played by Ben Mendelsohn, was a notorious criminal who kidnapped her mother years ago. As Helena grew older, she learned the truth about her origins and had to confront her father’s dark past while navigating her own identity. Prince’s performance brought depth and emotional resonance to this gripping tale of survival and self-discovery.

8. Cocaine Bear (24 February 2023)

Brooklynn Prince in Cocaine Bear (IMDb)

Cocaine Bear was a crime thriller Brooklyn Prince movie and TV show directed by Elizabeth Banks, inspired by true events. Brooklynn Prince actress starred in the movie, which centered around the bizarre story of a black bear that consumed a large quantity of cocaine after it was dropped from a plane by a drug smuggler in Kentucky in 1985. Prince’s role in the film was undisclosed, but her talent promised to bring depth and intrigue to the narrative. Cocaine Bear explored themes of crime, absurdity, and the unpredictable consequences of human folly, making it a highly anticipated addition to the crime thriller genre.

9. Monsters at Large (13 March 2018)

Brooklynn Prince in Monsters at Large (IMDb)

Monsters at Large was a family-friendly comedy film released in 2018. In the movie, Brooklynn Prince actress played the role of Sophie, a young girl who teams up with her friends to capture monsters that have escaped from a comic book. Their mission becomes a wild adventure as they face off against these larger-than-life creatures. Prince’s portrayal of Sophie added a charming and adventurous element to Brooklynn Prince movies and TV shows, captivating audiences with her youthful energy and comedic timing. Monsters at Large offered a delightful blend of humor and excitement, making it an enjoyable watch for viewers of all ages.

10. Little Wing (13 March 2024)

Brooklynn Prince in Little Wing (IMDb)

In Little Wing, released in 2024, Brooklynn Prince actress portrayed Kaitlyn, an angsty 13-year-old grappling with the aftermath of her parents’ divorce in Portland, Oregon. Channeling a reminiscent aura of early Kelly Macdonald, Prince’s portrayal captured Kaitlyn’s tumultuous emotions and rebellious behavior, rooted in the disintegration of her family. Despite the film’s focus on pigeon racing and criminal escapades, Brooklynn Prince age brought depth to her character, subtly exploring themes of home and identity amidst the chaos. Her performance added a layer of authenticity to the narrative, contributing to the film’s exploration of adolescence and fractured familial dynamics.

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