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Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City scores, results, draw, teams, tips, season, ladder, how to watch, title race, Arsenal

The situation is thus: Arsenal sit top of the table by a single point with one game remaining, against Everton. Manchester City sit second with two games remaining in this fixture and then the weekend’s at home to West Ham. Spurs are fifth behind Liverpool and Aston Villa and, if they take something from City at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium over the next couple of hours, will go some way to helping their arch-rivals, big bad Arsenal, to the trophy.

Until Monday, when Villa drew at home to Liverpool, Tottenham were maybe playing for nothing but fifth place – a complication to the moral maze of whether to hope their team lose here. That was alleviated somewhat by that result, because it means they are still playing for a slim chance at Champions League qualification.

Just don’t try to talk to Ange Postecoglou about any of this:

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