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towards an education beyond electoral promises – El Financiero

In electoral times it sometimes becomes difficult to distinguish all the voices, however, when we take the time to distinguish not only the differences, but also the consensuses, we create spaces for a genuine and constructive dialogue where solutions are developed for a future with greater opportunity for prosperity and equity. Under this understanding, Mexicanos Primero carried out documentary research to explore what different educational actors, civil society and international organizations are talking about on educational issues. What are we proposing to the candidate when we talk about education?

After collecting, analyzing, organizing and grouping publications made by more than 35 actors and organizations, around 228 topics, proposals or conversations were inventoried. Although the diversity of topics is important, we highlight seven specific points on which in one way or another the educational ecosystem coincides: recovery of fundamental learning, development of socio-emotional skills, scholarships to support equity, increased financing for education, technologies , evidence-based policies, and the improvement of teaching conditions, their training and the need to foresee the lack of teachers in the medium term.

They are not exactly new topics, the educational ecosystem has been insisting on these topics for some time now, and not from a simplistic point of view, but with research and data that today demand seriousness from the presidential candidate when we talk about education. The “what” is fine, but today precisely in these issues we are more interested in the “how.”

We hear the “what” a lot and very often, especially in these times of campaign, but knowing our points of agreement, let’s now provoke and elevate the conversation in education; Let’s start asking the “how”. How can we guarantee that all students who have had difficulties learning the basics can recover those fundamental learnings? How can we implement effective strategies so that students can develop their own socio-emotional skills in such a complex social and security context like the Mexican? How can we ensure that scholarships really reach those who need them most and have the greatest possible positive effects on their academic development? How can we guarantee that there is sufficient funding for education and that its distribution drives its improvement sustained? How can we use technology effectively not only in the classroom, but within the educational system itself? How can we promote the generation of data and scientific evidence to guarantee effective educational policies that benefit each and every student? students? How do we create professional teacher development from the responsibility and recognition that teaching is a profession of experts, not bureaucratic but professional?

At Mexicanos Primero we recognize that there are no magic recipes, but we know that we must start by creating conversations so that together we respond to our shared responsibility of promoting and improving the education of our country. Our proposal is: let’s raise the quality of conversation in education, create spaces for genuine and constructive dialogue that allow us to arrive faster and better prepared for action. Education is today and learning matters.

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