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Travis Kelce Had Three Words of Passion for Taylor Swift After Winning the Super Bowl and It’s Not ‘I Love You’

Travis Kelce‘s third Super Bowl happened to be the first win for the Swifties, who joined the Chiefs clan just a few months ago. His encounter with Taylor Swift after the Super Bowl win felt like a scene straight out of a fairy tale. After securing his second consecutive championship, Kelce’s emotional moment with his beau was caught on camera, leaving fans in awe.

Taylor and Travis’s reunion took place after the conclusion of Super Bowl LVIII and the pop singer’s touchdown from Tokyo. Cameras captured the heartwarming moment when Swift rushed to the field to congratulate Kelce with a kiss that sent the fans swooning. As the two hugged each other in delight, Kelce’s words were, “Come here, girl”.

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The Kansas City Chiefs overcame the heavily favored San Francisco 49ers for the second time in four years on the Big Stage. However, throughout the arduous journey to the Super Bowl, Swift’s constant support for Kelce was evident, despite her hectic schedule. She remained uninhibited by the 13-hour journey, and closely packed dates. Following the ruckus, she delighted the fans with her attendance at Allegiant Stadium to voice her support for her beau and the Chiefs.

In fact, she cheered on the KC clan in full swing, chugging beers alongside friends Blake Lively and Ice Spice, hyping up the entire arena. Adding to the intrigue, the two celebrated with flair and style on the streets of Sin City — more or less.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Steal Spotlights with Subtle PDA at Chiefs’ After Party

The Chiefs’ after-party was a star-studded affair with people celebrating their dynasty. Dim lights and vibrant music filled the atmosphere, granting Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce a perfect opportunity to shine as a couple. TNT shared another heartwarming moment that captured the essence of their romance. As The Chainsmokers took over the DJ booth, Taylor Swift’s hit song “You Belong With Me” filled the air.

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In a spontaneous display of affection, Kelce made his way to the DJ booth, dancing away at his girlfriend’s hit number. Vibing to the lyrics, the two pointed at each other in a playful yet meaningful gesture that spoke volumes about their connection. The pop icon was seen reciprocating the gesture as she raised her drink in a toast to celebrate her boyfriend’s big victory on the field.

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Kelce and Swift’s relationship has been nothing short of fascinating for fans and media alike. Now that the Chiefs have won their third Super Bowl with Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce at core, even coach Reid added his comments. Reid emphasized that there had been no distractions stemming from their romance, praising both Kelce and Swift for their professionalism. The two continue to make more gestures publicly, making them one of the most-loved couples by fans and media.

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