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UFC boss Dana White reveals the ‘Greatest Walkout’ he has ever seen

UFC boss Dana White recently spilled the beans on what he considers the ‘Greatest Walkout’ in the promotion’s history

UFC boss Dana White recently spilled the beans on what he considers the ‘Greatest Walkout’ in the promotion’s history, reported by Essentially Sports. While the UFC has witnessed numerous electrifying entrances, White was quick to name Conor McGregor’s as the top pick in a recent interview.

Known for his dramatic flair, McGregor’s walkouts often feature a blend of Irish tunes, notably ‘Foggy Dew,’ and hip-hop beats by ‘The Notorious B.I.G.’ However, it was a particular entrance that gave White goosebumps. At UFC 189 in July 2015, McGregor made a memorable entrance accompanied by Sinéad O’Connor singing ‘The Foggy Dew’ live. According to White, it was a spectacle that left a lasting impression, marking it as the most captivating walkout he’s ever seen.

During an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, White was asked about the greatest walkout in UFC history. Without hesitation, he declared, “McGregor. Has to be,” citing the iconic UFC 189 entrance. This isn’t the first time White has showered praise on the Irish superstar.

White’s admiration for McGregor dates back to before he became a global sensation. Following McGregor’s UFC debut, a confident and ambitious McGregor met with White, draped in an Irish flag, making bold claims. White was immediately captivated, recognizing the potential for superstardom. In a previous interview, White reminisced, “I don’t know if this kid can fight or not, but if he can even throw a punch, he’s gonna be a huge superstar.”

As McGregor’s walkouts continue to be a highlight in the UFC, it’s evident that his charisma, combined with memorable entrances, has etched his name in the promotion’s history, earning the title of the ‘Greatest Walkout’ according to Dana White.

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