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Video shows elephant bull lifting safari car into the air at Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa

A frightening moment for a group of tourists in South Africa was caught on camera when an elephant approached their safari truck and partially lifted it up into the air.

The incident happened March 18 in Pilanesberg National Park, northwest of Johannesburg.

The group of local South Africans were touring the area when they got too close to the elephant bull to take pictures. That’s when the large animal became aggressive and approached the safari truck.

Video from the scene shows the elephant lifting the front portion of the vehicle with its tusks before letting it drop to the ground. Screaming can be heard in the video.

The guide backed up the vehicle and slammed his hand against what appears to be the door in attempt to convince the elephant to stop.

The tour operator Mankwe Game Trackers told ABC News they understand the elephant was in musth, a periodic state of the bull elephant characterized by aggressive behavior and a surge of testosterone levels.

Nobody was hurt in the encounter, but the park offered counseling for those who were the most rattled.

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