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Wahoo Field Gas: Challenges and proposals for the Treatment Unit in Macaé | Macaé

Gas produced in the exploration of the Wahoo field will be treated at the Cabiunas Treatment UnitPhoto: Illustration

Published 02/11/2024 19:42

Macaé – The decision to direct gas from the Wahoo Field for treatment at the Cabiunas Unit, in Macaé, reveals significant operational challenges. Jean Calvi, executive manager at Prio, highlights the logistics strategy behind this choice, emphasizing the importance of efficiency in coordinating gas processing.

However, Valnisio Hoffmann, coordinator of the Espírito Santo Oil Workers Union (SindiPetro), highlights that the Cabiunas Unit already operates at maximum capacity. Meanwhile, gas treatment units in Espírito Santo, such as UTGC and UTG-Sul, face idleness. The lack of interconnection between the Macaé and Espírito Santo gas networks stands out as an obstacle, leading SindiPetro to propose the integration of these networks as a strategic solution to optimize gas treatment in the state of origin.

Given this scenario, the coordination of gas from the Wahoo Field at the Cabiunas Unit, Macaé, demands an integrated logistical approach between the states involved. The search for solutions that go beyond state borders highlights the importance of collaborative strategies to overcome operational challenges and promote sustainable efficiency in the gas industry.

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