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Wanessa Camargo suffers hate attacks on the web and the team speaks out | BBB

Wanessa CamargoReproduction/Globe

Published 02/12/2024 19:28

Rio – Wanessa Camargo has been the target of heavy comments on social media due to her rivalry with her brother Davi. Because of this, internet users are wishing a ‘slow and painful death’ for Zezé Di Camargo’s daughter and the singer’s team issued a note of repudiation.

According to the singer’s mother, Zilu, numerous hateful messages, including death threats, will be taken to the authorities. Wanessa has already demonstrated in several situations that she does not like and does not agree with some of the BBB participant’s game decisions.

“Like all of us, Wanessa is in a continuous process of evolution and learning. At BBB, participants do not have the clarity of perspective that we have out here; emotions and thoughts often become confused and intertwined.

When she leaves, she will have the opportunity to reflect on her actions and apologize for any behavior she recognizes as inappropriate, as well as delve into any sensitive topics that are being experienced.
However, one error does not justify others.

We have received numerous hate messages, including death threats and extremely aggressive comments. All these messages are being taken to the competent authorities, as this type of behavior cannot be normalized.

We understand that there are passionate fans with differing opinions, but it is essential to remember that BBB is a game that involves human beings, each with their own stories and susceptible to errors. We need mutual respect, recognizing the complexity of everyone involved.”

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