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What are the most unsafe roads in Mexico? – The financial

In Mexico, ‘hell and paradise’ share the same path, as confirmed by a list of the National Guardin which it shows that roads leading to ‘dream’ places could be dangerous.

Therefore, if you are going to leave holidays at Easterit is important that you take into account the roads designated as most unsafe in the country.

What are the most unsafe roads in Mexico?

The National Guard shared a list of the most unsafe roads of Mexico, considering factors such as a high number of robberies and road accidents.

The registry details that the roads that accumulate 1,121 complaints for vehicle thefts on federal highways are:

Transporters, targets of criminals on roads

According to the National Public Security System, In 2023, assaults on carriers increased, since they went from 36 to 38 daily, compared to 2022.

Besides, 13,848 robberies were reported. Of them, 66.29 percent were on state roads and 33.71 percent were on federal roads.

The ‘hardest hit’ entities were the State of Mexico, Puebla and Michoacán. These entities are joinedto Guerrero, where videos were broadcast on March 13 on social networks that show the violence that transporters experience in Acapulco.

Road trip recommendations

Naps vacation you go on the roadhave your car checked by the mechanic so that it is in the best possible condition.

Also carry a spare tire in the trunk, as well as the jack and other tools to change it if necessary. Also, have emergency numbers on hand and the documents from your car insurance company.

Check that your luggage is well secured, for example, if your car has a travel basket, make sure before starting that it is securely closed.

If your luggage is in the trunk, check that the load is distributed evenly.

Easter holidays 2024: When do they start?

The Easter holidays 2024 officially start on Monday March 25 and conclude the Friday April 5which means that the last day of classes for all basic education students was the Thursday March 21.

According to the calendar of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP)the return to the classrooms after Easter is scheduled for Monday April 8so that day all students from public and private schools must report normally to their classroom.

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