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What did Daniel Bisogno study? – The financial

Daniel Bisogno He is one of the most beloved hosts on Mexican television. His irreverent personality made him an undisputed fixture at the dinner table. Windowing and in recent months it generated concern about his absence in recent months which was due to health problems that put his life at risk.

Just as it happens with the past of Pedro Solathere is curiosity about What Bisogno’s life was like when he was not yet famous.

What did Daniel Bisogno study?

For someone dedicated to telling the lives of celebrities, Bisogno has shared few details about what happens behind the scenes. It’s known that his motherwho passed away recently, was one of his greatest loves and also that has two brothersone of them works in television.

He has also shared what the relationship is like his daughter Michaelafruit of his relationship with Cristina Riva Palacio. The girl has visited him in Windowing and the production celebrated his last birthday.

Unlike Pedro Sola, who traced an alternative student path to his taste for entertainment and graduated as an economistDaniel Bisogno has said that since he was a child it was clear that he wanted to work in the medium and his mother began to take him through this world through castings and television and film projects with renowned actors such as Carmen Salinas and ‘Springs’

Years later he enrolled in Televisa Artistic Education Center (CEA), where he studied for three years with the goal of being an actor. However, upon graduating he found himself with few opportunities and it was not until he started doing radio with Juan José Origel that attracted attention to reach the program hosted by Pati Chapoy.

How did Daniel Bisogno come to ‘Ventaneando’?

Daniel has been part of the program’s ‘starting lineup’ since 1997. In an interview with Mara Patricia Castaneda A few years ago, the host revealed that Angélica Ortíz, film producer and mother of Angelica Mariawas his great-aunt and that she was the one who recommended him to Pati Chapoy in the first instance.

However, the first meeting between the two took place thanks to Pedro Sola hearing it on the radio, this is what he told the same source. At 22 years old, the owner saw him as too young to integrate it into Windowing and gave him the opportunity Whoever that fails. Bisogno made the jump as Chapoy’s substitute a week later and his performance in front of the camera convinced the production to make that emergency participation permanent.

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